What to look for in a good dog boarding kennel

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In the perfect world, you’d be able to take your dog everywhere with you. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible, and there are times when you’ll need to find someone to care for them whilst you’re away from home. If your pooch can’t stay with friends or family members, a dog boarding kennel is a good

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Top 10 questions to ask before putting your dog into kennels

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Going to kennels for the first time can be a stressful experience for everyone – especially when you are trying to find the best place for your pup to stay. There are some important questions that you should be asking both the kennels and yourself before you make a decision. Below, we have gathered the

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Can Puppies Stay in Dog Kennels?

Puppy Boarding Rotherham

Not everyone has family or close friends that can look after their dogs when they are away for business or leisure. In situations like this, we all need a reliable kennel where our pets can relax and be looked after while we are away. The big question is whether or not puppies can visit the

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How to Prepare Your Dog for a Stay at the Kennel

Nobody likes parting with their beloved pet pooch. It’s the sad, beseeching eyes that tug at our heartstrings that makes it especially hard, but sometimes we simply can’t take our dogs with us where we’re headed, meaning we have to leave our pet behind for a couple of hours home alone. Other times, however, we

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5 ‘Somethings’ Every Good Dog Kennels Should Have

Here at Jaycliffe Pets, we know that when an owner leaves their dog with us, they want to be assured that their pet will be well looked after. That’s why we make sure our facilities are kept to a high standard at all times, with plenty of comfort and fun provided to keep your dog

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