How to keep your pet safe from fireworks

Keep you dog warm in winter

Whilst many people love fireworks, the same can’t be said for most pets. Animals like cats and dogs tend to find firework displays stressful, with the loud noises and bright lights causing them significant distress. What’s more, fireworks can also be dangerous for pets, potentially causing them serious physical injuries if they accidentally come into

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How to prepare for your kitten coming home

Kittens playing

Welcoming a kitten into your home can be an exciting moment. You can look forward to having lots of cuddles and fun with your new feline companion. However, before you can do this, you’ll need to take steps to ensure they feel safe and comfortable in their new environment. Here’s how to prepare for your

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How to prepare for a puppy

Puppy Boarding Rotherham

Getting a puppy can be a hugely exciting time. Not only are puppies extremely adorable and offer unconditional love and cuddles but you can look forward to them becoming an important part of your family over the years. However, it’s important to know that there are plenty of challenges when getting a puppy, from training

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Cats Hall of Fame

We all love to watch pets online and it shows! This month, Jaycliffe Pets are here to add more cats to our previous blog on ‘The top 10 most famous cats on the internet’, so if you’re an avid cat-lover like we are, you might just want to check out the very latest.    

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5 Reasons Why Your Home Needs A Dog

If you don’t already have a dog in your home, we have to admit you’re really missing out. There are a whole host of benefits to owning a dog, and in this month’s article we’ll be looking at the top 5 reasons why your home needs a dog, and in the proceeding months we’ll be

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