What do I get my pets for Christmas? [Infographic]

What do I get my pets for Christmas?

Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s nearly time to spoil the ones we love. When shopping for presents, don’t forget to think about your pets. Cats and dogs are important members of the family, and it’s only fair that they get to open something on the big day too. If you’re wondering

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Can kittens go into a cattery?

Kittens playing

If you have a kitten but need to go away for a period of time, you may be wondering if you can put them in a cattery. Whilst it might feel unfair to do this at such a young age, you can rest assured that they will receive all the care and attention you need

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Why is dog grooming so important? (Infographic)

Pet Grooming Rotherham

Dog Grooming in Rotherham When it comes to dog grooming in Rotherham, Jaycliffe Pets are the local experts.  However, we all know that your dogs or puppies need regular grooming but why? Grooming is a great way to keep your pet happy and also healthy.  In most cases, your dog will love a good pamper

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Why Pets Make Perfect Companions for the Elderly

Getting older can be a lonely time and should a partner or close friends pass away or move abroad, time can seem painfully slow and we may find ourselves feeling purposeless, especially if it’s becoming more and more difficult to physically leave the home. This is why many elderly people turn to pet adoption, options

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