What do I get my pets for Christmas? [Infographic]

Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s nearly time to spoil the ones we love. When shopping for presents, don’t forget to think about your pets. Cats and dogs are important members of the family, and it’s only fair that they get to open something on the big day too. If you’re wondering what you should get your pets for Christmas, read on.   

What do i get my pet for christmas

Top things to buy your pets for Christmas

Top things to buy your pets for Christmas

A comfy new bed

Winter is setting in and the temperatures are starting to bite. So, why not treat your pet to a comfy new bed this Christmas? Dogs and cats benefit greatly from having their own bed. Not only do they provide warmth and comfort during the cold nights, but they also give them somewhere to retreat to when they want to be alone. Plus, unlike the floor, a bed will support arthritic joints in older animals as well as preventing calluses. 

The ideal dog bed should be soft yet firm. Your dog’s specific needs will determine which bed is the right fit. For example, senior dogs that have ageing joints may benefit from most soft, memory foam beds. 

Cats beds come in a range of styles, including cave beds, bolster beds, and crate beds. Cave beds are particularly popular with cats, offering them the comfort and privacy they crave. You’ll find pet beds to suit all needs, tastes, and budgets online. 

Dog coat or sweater 

Top things to buy your pets for Christmas

Not all dogs tolerate wearing clothes; however, many do, particularly if they have short hair or are geriatric or very thin. These dogs often require a coat or sweater to provide them with extra warmth during the winter months. If your dog tolerates clothes well, why not treat them to a new outfit? 

There are so many options for dog clothing online, ranging from Christmas jumpers to coats, pyjamas, and even football shirts! Why not opt for adorable matching outfits for you and your pooch? You’ll be a match made in heaven.  

Dogs can benefit from wearing shoes too, especially if their feet tend to collect snow and ice between the toes. Fit is very important, as they should be comfortable without rubbing against their paws. Buying your dog shoes for Christmas could be a good move as the cold weathers sets in and injuries from slips and falls become more likely. The right shoes or boots can help protect your dog’s feet during winter. 


The importance of pet collars can’t be overstated. Your dog or cat should wear a collar with an ID tag attached at all times in case they become lost. It can help them be reunited with you should they go missing. If your pet’s collar is starting to look worn and worse for wear, you could always get them a new one for Christmas. 

There are so many stylish options on the market, however, we recommend taking your time to choose the right one for your pet. Keep in mind that different breeds and sizes need different types of collars. You must also check that a collar is the right size before buying it. A collar that’s too tight can be dangerous for animals. 


What do I get my pets for Christmas?Of course, Christmas is a time for fun and excitement, so don’t forget to slip some toys in your pet’s stocking this year. The good news is, there are literally thousands of fantastic toys and games for both cats and dogs on the marketplace. The days of giving your pet an old tennis ball to play with are long gone! Toys not only entertain your pet and provide them with much-needed exercise, but they also stimulate their minds by encouraging chasing, searching, and problem-solving. 

The best toys for dogs include balls, rope toys, stuffed toys, chew toys, treat-dispensing toys, and puzzle toys. For cats, consider toys like teaser toys, such as those which have a mouse dangling on a stick, treat toys, food mazes, tunnels, catnip toys, and activity centres. As you can see, cat toys come in a huge range of shapes and sizes and the options available to you are almost endless. There are few things more than enjoyable than watching your pet play with their new toys on Christmas day. 

Pamper session

A pampering session is a great idea for pets who love to be spoilt. Many dog and cat owners are booking their beloved animals into Jaycliffe – the leading cat and dog kennels in Rotherham, Thurcroft and Whickersley. At Jaycliffe, we do more than just for pets whilst their owners are away. We also offer professional grooming to make dogs and cats look and feel their very best. 

Our team are very experienced, which means we know exactly how to make the animals in our care feel relaxed and ease whilst we brush, bathe, trim, and clip them. Everyone deserves a little pampering now and again, so why not book your pet into Jaycliffe? Our grooming facilities are first-class, receiving a full refurbishment not long ago. 

You could also choose to buy grooming tools and equipment for your pet this Christmas. Ideas include special pet shampoo, body wash, conditioning spray, or brushes. We’re always happy to offer expert advice on grooming and pampering your pet yourself in the comfort of their own home.  

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Hopefully, this article has helped with the question, “What do I get my pets for Christmas”. Buying Christmas gifts for everyone you care about can seem like a daunting task. However, it’s important not to forget your pets who are there by your side every day. Dogs and cats deserve to be spoilt at Christmas just like everyone else. 

To find out more about our pet grooming services, contact Jaycliffe – the top dog kennels in Rotherham, Thurcroft, and Whickersley. Call us on 01709 645 046 to talk to our friendly team. Alternatively, email us here and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.