Can kittens go into a cattery?

If you have a kitten but need to go away for a period of time, you may be wondering if you can put them in a cattery. Whilst it might feel unfair to do this at such a young age, you can rest assured that they will receive all the care and attention you need when you choose a reputable cattery with experienced staff. If you’re still questioning “Can kittens go into a cattery?”, read on.

What age can a kitten go into a cattery? Cat Grooming in Dinnington

Kittens can go into a cattery as soon as they’ve had their vaccinations. They will need a minimum of two vaccines, given three to four weeks apart for them to be allowed into a cattery. The first vaccination will be given at eight to nine weeks old and then a second injection at 12 weeks. They can go into a cattery two weeks after the last vaccine has been given. 

As soon as you get your kitten, you should make sure you register them with a local vet. Who can then perform the vaccinations they require. Kittens are normally vaccinated against cat flu (feline herpes virus and feline calicivirus), feline infectious enteritis and feline leukaemia virus. Vaccines are available against a number of other infectious diseases, including Bordetella bronchiseptica, feline leukaemia virus and Chlamydophila felis. However, vaccination against these agents isn’t normally required for catteries. This is because the high-quality construction of the buildings and routine hygiene precautions are usually adequate for preventing exposure. 

Keep in mind that once your kitten gets older, you will need to make sure they continue to receive regular vaccinations. If their last injections were 15 months ago or more, you’ll need to go through a 5-week vaccination process before taking them to a cattery. This rule is designed to protect your cat and other residents.

The benefits of putting your kitten in a cattery 

You might feel nervous or unsure about putting your kitten in a cattery, especially if they’re very young. However, there are some big advantages to doing so. 

Your kitten will become used to catteries early on

Firstly, having them stay in a cattery when they’re very young will make the experience much easier for them in the future. When they become accustomed to staying in a cattery as a kitten, they can more easily adapt to their new surroundings on upcoming visits. In comparison, placing an older cat in a cattery for the first time can cause them much greater stress since they won’t be used to it. 

Your kitten will stay safe

When you put your kitten in a cattery, you can relax in the knowledge that they’re safe whilst you’re away. Catteries can cater to a kitten’s specific needs, making sure they’re well cared for at all times during their stay. Staff know how difficult it can be for cats of all ages to adjust to a change in environment. Which is why they’ll do all they can to make the transition as easy as possible. Making sure your kitten is safe is the minimum requirement for most catteries. Most will go above and beyond to ensure they’re not just safe but have lots of fun too. 

Cat on cat nipYour kitten will receive care and attention

One of the biggest concerns many people have about their kittens when they’re going away is ensuring they receive as much care and attention as they normally do when they’re at home. Whilst pet sitters can be relied upon to feed them and change their litter, they’ll be left alone for much of the day. This won’t happen if you put them in a cattery. Staff in catteries love what they do, which means they take any opportunity to give them attention. You don’t need to worry about your kitten feeling lonely and deserted when you book them into a cattery. 

Your kitten will be played with and exercised

Your kitten needs more than love and cuddles whilst staying in a cattery. They also need plenty of exercise through play. Cattery staff will ensure that they’re played with regularly, possibly using toys such as lasers, strings and mice. Exercise benefits your kitten both physically and mentally, helping them to gain strength whilst preventing them from becoming bored. 

Choosing a cattery in Rotherham 

If you want to know can kittens go into a cattery in Rotherham, the answer is yes, of course. Many people choose to put their kittens into Jaycliffe Pets in Thurcroft. We’re widely considered one of the leading catteries in the area. Caring for cats of all ages to the highest possible standards. 

As long as your kitten has had their first set of vaccinations, they are more than welcome to come and stay with us. We have a great deal of experience in dealing with kittens in our cattery. Our well-equipped cattery provides a warm and comfortable place to stay for your feline friend. With our team on hand to ensure they’re expertly cared for at all times. 

Book a tour of our boarding facilities 

We’d be happy to give you a guided tour of our boarding facilities. We always recommend visiting a cattery before booking since this will give you a true sense of how they operate. You can see first-hand how the cats are cared for and what the accommodation is like. Leaving your precious kitten somewhere new for the first time will be a lot less daunting if you’ve already viewed the facilities.

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