5 Most Popular Family Dog Breeds

There are hundreds of different breeds of dogs out there to accommodate a plethora of tastes and requirements you may have, but narrowing the choices down to just a handful can be, well, a bit of a handful. That’s why today we’ll be divulging what we think the 5 most popular dog breeds are for a family environment, just to help you out.


What’s that, Lassie? You’re one of the best breeds of dog a family could hope for? You’re certainly right on that one. A delight to train, collies are smart and faithful dogs that were bred to work on farms herding, but have since become more synonymous with shows and family life. Their beautiful, soft coat is also a major positive when thinking about bringing a collie home to your family.

Golden Retrievers

The quintessential family dog, golden retrievers are renowned for their loyalty and agreeable nature. They are one of the most patient breeds on this list so go well with young children who may be a little bit more trying for your pooch. However, it will switch from patient and friendly to a protective hound in an instant should you or, more importantly, your kids come under threat of danger from a stranger. A perfect all-rounder, it’s no wonder golden retrievers are one of the most popular family dogs on the planet.


A cross between the gorgeous breeds of labrador and poodle, the labradoodle takes on elements of both breeds and makes them its own. They are very playful and love messing around with children, though because of their size they may accidentally knock down smaller children. Again, a very smart dog that requires a lot of stimulation, but this also means they are highly trainable and great for energetic families. Labradoodles also get along well with other dogs should you wish to grow your family some more in that way!


Although beagles have a tendency to chew things up around the home, once they’re trained they will certainly fill your home with joy. Bred as a hunting dog, beagles have an excellent sense of smell and are fairly easy to train. They are a very friendly breed to have in your home and are full of energy, so much so that it may even give your kids a run for their money! Beagles bond strongly with others, making them ideal for a budding family.

Irish Setter

An energetic dog that requires a whole lot of exercise, irish setters have a red coat and sheen to them you’ll almost be jealous of. Setters love being around people and children and are at their best in a large garden fooling around with you and your kids. You’ll also find training this breed a treat.

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