Cats Hall of Fame

We all love to watch pets online and it shows! This month, Jaycliffe Pets are here to add more cats to our previous blog on ‘The top 10 most famous cats on the internet’, so if you’re an avid cat-lover like we are, you might just want to check out the very latest.  


Shironeko, The Happiest And Sleepiest Cat Ever

Meaning, ‘white cat’ in Japanese, Shironeko is best known for being the king of looking happy whilst cat-napping. Shironeko is a pleasant furry friend who is always whiskered away to the land of dreamies.  When Shironeko settles down for some well-deserved rest, his owner likes to balance items on his head or dress him in very fashionable hats – that we must say, keep him well in with the new trends. But what’s impressive is, Shironeko is purrfectly happy to put up with his owner’s silly antics – so much so – some might even call him a zen master.  You can follow Shironeko on Instagram, his fan base is growing and today he fascinates 14.7k followers – are you one of his fans?


No No No Cat

This Siberian cat really does what it says on the tin. Known for his wild YouTube video back in 2011 for saying ‘NO, NO, NO, NO’, like a human this cat received worldwide viewers who took great amusement for his well-pronounced nos.  Marquis has over 12 million views on his super cute, super strange video. Since, plentiful remixes have been made that consist of his many nos, all to various catchy tunes – have you checked out this fresh amusement?

Lil Bub The Perma-Kitten

As the runt of the litter, BUB came into this earth with many genetic peculiarities which wowed everyone who crossed her path. Bub was rescued as a kitten from a tool shed in Indiana in July 2011.  BUB is a captivating cat who has accomplished many things in her life thus far, she is a:

  • Published author of ‘Lil Bub’s Lil Book: the extraordinary life of the most amazing cat on the planet’
  • Film star: Lil Bub and Friendz 
  • Fundraiser: Lil Bub’s Big Fund raises money for the American Society for the (ASPCA), Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 

BUB’s genetic differences mean that she is a ‘perma-kitten’, meaning she will remain the size of a kitten for all of her life. She also has dwarfism and so, has short limbs which looks super cute but she can find it difficult to get around. What’s more, Bub has an overbite which means her top jaw is much larger than the bottom. These are many reasons as to why she is widely loved by her many fans, although Bub has many health concerns (including her extra pads on her paws and claws), her happy and positive attitude has inspired her 2.3 million fans.   


Garfi, The World’s Angriest Cat

Sitting on the other side of the fence from happy-go-lucky Bub, Garfi is known for being the world’s angriest cat. This bright orange fluffy Persian cat has a furrowed brow and the most piercing stare. But as we well know, looks are deceptive and in fact, Garfi is just as friendly and content as the rest of them. Garfi’s career began when his owner’s son created a Flickr account for him, this soon led to a flurry of people sharing this cat’s truly livid expression. Although Garfi is sweet, innocent and ridiculously fluffy, his cartoon-like facial features have made him an absolute delight for people to share across the internet.   


Grumpy Cat

Also known as Tarder Sauce, Grumpy Cat was well-known for her incredibly grumpy face which was actually due to feline dwarfism and an underbite. This did not stop Grumpy Cat from inspiring the masses around the world and she obtained over 13 million followers on social media, which were distributed over a number of platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube subscribers.  Grumpy Cat took cat-lovers by storm so much so, she ended up with a meme manager, Ben Lashes. Lashes worked on some funny, cynical memes made suitable to the very average daily woes of a human and voiced it through Grumpy Cat, which whipped her up into a world of success and an internet sensation. Grumpy Cat had her own website and was even presented on chat shows too.  Sadly, Grumpy Cat passed away this year. She lived a very short but famous life between 2012 and 2019. Rest in peace, Tarder Sauce!   


Keyboard Cat

Also known as Fatso, this female cat is famous for a video that was shot in 1984, which was then released on YouTube on June 7th 2007. This was the very early days of YouTube, as this video sharing company only started out in 2005 but even so, Keyboard Cat grabbed the attention of countless YouTubers way back and is still a firm favourite of today. There have been over 56 million views, whether that’s 56 million individual people or some real big fans watching this talented cat ‘playing’ a fun tune on Charlie Schmidt’s (his owner’s) electronic keyboard over and over again, I guess we will never know. If you haven’t seen Fatso in his little blue top, jamming out on his owner’s keyboard, then it’s certainly worth a watch.


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