The Top 10 Most Famous Cats on the Internet

We all like to think our pets are the best, but not all pets can rack up an astonishing 8.6 million followers on social media. That’s what Grumpy Cat – the aptly named, disgruntled furball – achieved in just a few years on Facebook. This got us thinking about all the illustrious cats that have graced the internet over the past decade. And with only 237 days until International Cat Day (not that we’ve been counting), we found it only fitting to use this month’s article to compile the definitive list of the top 10 most famous cats on the internet.



#10 – Snoopy

Snoopy cat-apulted to internet fame in 2012 after photos of the unnaturally adorable feline hit social media with a bang. Before long, Snoopy, hailing all the way from Chengdu China, began racking up hundreds of thousands of cat-adoring fans from across the globe. Today, Snoopy’s large golden eyes and vacant facial expression continue to charm many of his loyal followers, but, unfortunately, the emergence of websites awash with cute cat pictures has left Snoopy somewhat forgotten.

#9 – Adolf Kitler

It’s a cat that looks like Hitler. Need we say more?

#8  – Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Hamilton is much more unique than his ‘hipster’ title suggests. Remarkably, Hamilton sports an all-natural, perfectly shaped handlebar moustache, due to a discolouration on his face. The humble moustache bears a similar resemblance to that of Salvador Dali — but luckily, Hamilton’s owners opted not to name him Meowvador.

#7 – Colonel Meow

Not quite resisting the temptation of ‘meow’ based puns are the owners who named the cat in our number seven spot: Colonel Meow. Colonel Meow found his way into the Guinness World Record books back in 2014, where he temporarily held the record for longest cat fur at a whopping 22.87cm of all-natural hair. Quite the feat.

#6 – Honey Bee

We all love a feel-good story. Well here’s a feline-good story.

Honey Bee is a blind cat that was adopted from an animal shelter called Animals Fiji. Her owners wanted Honey Bee to enjoy life to the fullest, despite her disability. Together, both Honey Bee and her owners take regular hiking trips, and though she cannot see, Honey Bee has adopted an affinity for exploration. Utilising the senses she does have, Honey Bee is great at perceiving space, smelling water and listening to the rustling of bushes around her. Not only does hiking provide a wealth of natural sensations for Honey Bee to enjoy, but it also has allowed her to develop her intelligence, overcome her drawbacks and enjoy her life independently.

#5 – Venus

Two faced people are, unfortunately, all too common these days — but two faced cats? Venus won’t talk bad behind your back, but she does, incredibly, have a face comprised of two completely different colours. Split almost exactly down the middle, the right side of Venus’ face consists of jet-black fur and an emerald-green eye, whereas the left side of her face has light-ginger fur and a sky-blue eye. This phenomenon is a remarkable anomaly in genetic biology, and to this day no agreement has been reached by professionals on how the extraordinary case occurred.

#4 – Maru

Maru has been entertaining his Youtube audience for over a decade. With over 600 videos to date, you can often find Maru (and friends) diving into cardboard boxes and spread comically across the floor. Maru may not be the brightest of cats, but his childlike antics have brought joy to the millions of people who have viewed his videos.

#3 – Lil-bub/perma-kitten

Lil’ bub’s popularity has skyrocketed since his arrival on the internet — racking up a huge 1.9 million followers on Instagram alone. This is due largely to his drooping tongue and goofy smile — which combine to bear Lil Bub’s signature dopey expression. Miniature in size but with a monolithic internet presence, this lil’ bub may just be the cutest cat on the web.

#2 – Grumpy cat

Since 2012, the same question has been on everyone’s lips: why is that cat always so grumpy? There have been many theories; some say she was forced to take a bath alongside two dogs. Others say she coughed up a particularly dense furball. The truth is that ‘Tardar Sauce’, better known as ‘Grumpy cat’ possesses a particularly grumpy expression due to feline dwarfism and the placement of the teeth in her mouth. Her owner states that, despite her appearance, Grumpy Cat is in fact a very happy and loving pet.

Grumpy Cat cartoon

#1 Keyboard Cat

It took nine judges seventeen hours to compile this list, wading through a huge number of categories — from longevity to notoriety to political and social influence — but finally we reached our number one spot. A true household name, Keyboard Cat was a viral cat video sensation — perhaps the first of its kind. Gracing Youtube when Youtube was barely even a toddler, Keyboard Cat featured a female cat called ‘Fatso’ playing an electric keyboard. Amazingly, the video was produced in 1984, but only found its way onto the internet 23 years later in 2007. As of right now, Keyboard Cat holds a staggering 53.2 million views.

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