Putting your dog into kennels for the first time

At some point, most dog owners need to leave their furry friends behind when they go away. Whilst there are many choices for pet care these days, including home boarding, kennels are usually the most popular option. Kennels provide dogs of all sizes and breeds a safe and comfortable place to stay whilst their owners are away. At Jaycliffe Pets, we’re widely regarded as one of the top dog boarding kennels in Rotherham, Thurcroft, Whickersley, and the surrounding areas. Read on for expert advice on putting your dog into kennels for the first time. 

Make sure the facilities are of a high standard

Dog Kennels in Rotherham

When looking for local dog kennels, it’s important to make sure boarding facilities are of a high standard. Importantly, kennels should be secure. You need to be sure that your dog will be housed in a strong enclosure which they can’t easily escape from. They should also be warm and comfortable, with heaters keeping enclosures at a suitable temperature at night and during the winter months. Kennels should be clean and hygienic too. The team should carry out rigorous cleaning procedures regularly. 

Plan a visit

Kennels can take time to get used to for some dogs. Therefore, it makes sense to take them to visit the kennels where they will be staying. Let them explore the environment and meet the staff who will be taking care of them. Allowing them to become accustomed to sights and smells can help make the experience less stressful for your dog. At Jaycliffe, we welcome visits to our kennels, so why not get in touch to arrange a time? We’ll give you and your dog a tour of our fantastic boarding facilities. 

Make sure vaccinations are up to date 

Reputable dog kennels in Rotherham, Thurcroft, and Whickersley will only accept pets if they’ve been vaccinated. Animals from different households are often housed in close proximity, increasing the risk of transmitting infections. This makes vaccinations a vital part of preparing your dog for boarding. Make sure all their vaccinations are up to date. Routine vaccinations protect against Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Distemper, and Leptospirosis. If your dog received them as a puppy, ask your vet when their boosters are due. If your pet hasn’t been vaccinated before, they can’t stay in kennels until 7-14 days after their vaccination.

Check your dog’s diet can be catered to

For your dog to enjoy their stay in kennels, it’s important that they are well-fed. If your dog has any specific dietary requirements, make sure the boarding staff are aware of this. A change in diet can make your pet ill or cause them stress. At Jaycliffe, we’re more than happy to cater to your dog’s diet. We supply high-quality pet food, with both dry and wet varieties available. We can make sure we maintain your dog’s normal feeding schedule. Of course, if you’d prefer to provide your own food for your dog, you’re more than welcome to do this.

Bring some of their favourite things

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Kennels should feel like a home away from home for your dog. So, don’t be afraid to bring a few of their favourite things along with them for their stay. This might include their toys, lead or harness, bed or blanket, food bowl, or treats. Objects like these can bring that familiar smell of home, helping your dog to feel more relaxed in their new surroundings. Some owners choose to pack an item of their own clothing for their dog to have in their kennel. Clothing that has your scent on it can help your dog to feel more relaxed and less stressed. It can help to keep them calm if they have separation anxiety. 

Supply any medication 

If your dog has to take regular medication, make sure you supply the kennels with enough to cover the time you are away. Discuss your pet’s medication needs with whoever will be caring for them. You should leave written instructions for them to follow. At Jaycliffe, we’re happy to administer medication to your pet as long as we have any the necessary information. 

Walk away

Once your dog has gone into the kennels for its stay, it’s best to walk away. Whilst it’s natural to want to comfort your pet, fussing over them will only increase their anxiety. If they sense that you’re hesitant about leaving them, they’re only likely to become more stressed. Your dog may not like to be left at first and may bark or howl. However, you can rest assured that they will have lots to occupy them once you’ve gone. Our team are real animal lovers, so you can relax in the knowledge that your dog won’t be short of fuss and attention. Regular walks and play-time will be a big part of your dog’s stay with us!

Check-in whilst you’re away

Putting your dog into kennels isn’t easy, especially the first time. However, you can reduce your anxiety by checking in with the boarding team every so often. Finding out how your pet is getting on can help to reassure you. At Jaycliffe, we’re used to talking to worried owners. We’re more than happy to provide you with updates on your dog throughout their stay with us.

Dog Kennels in Rotherham

Putting your dog into kennels for the first time can be tough, but Jaycliffe Pets is on hand to make the experience as easy as possible for you and your pet. We’ve been caring for dogs of all breeds for many years, establishing ourselves as the top choice boarding kennels in Rotherham and beyond. We’re based in Thurcroft and cater to customers throughout the surrounding areas. To get in touch, call us on 01709 645 046 or send a message via our website. One of our friendly team will be waiting to discuss your pet care requirements with you in further detail.