What to bring with my dog for kennel boarding

Boarding in kennels can be stressful for you as well as your dog. Placing them in the care of other people whilst you go away can be daunting for you both. However, you can make the process somewhat easier by making sure you bring some essential items when dropping your dog off at the kennels. If you’re wondering “What to bring with my dog for kennel boarding?”, read on. 

What to bring with my dog for kennel boarding

5 essential items to bring for dog boarding

Knowing your dog has some key items such as their favourite toy or blanket and their usual food or snacks can help to reassure you that your dog will be safe, happy and comfortable whilst you’re away. Knowing they’re in safe hands will allow you to relax and enjoy your travels. 

Vaccination certificate

Don’t forget your dog’s vaccination certificate when taking them to the kennels. This will need to show that your pet has been vaccinated against several diseases. Including parvovirus (CPV), distemper, hepatitis, and leptospirosis. Whilst all dogs need to have vaccinations for these diseases, some kennels will also require extra vaccinations. For kennel cough for example. To make sure your dog is fully protected against these diseases, they will need a ‘primary course’ of vaccinations followed by yearly boosters throughout their life. If you’re unable to demonstrate that your dog has received the necessary vaccinations, kennels may refuse to take your pet.

Medication Dog Kennels in Rotherham

Many dogs take medication or supplements to maintain their health. These could include antibiotics, pain relievers or steroids. If your dog takes medication or supplements on regular basis, it’s important to remember to pack them. Staff will be more than happy to ensure your dog takes them as and when required. When you drop your dog off, remember to provide instructions on how and when your dog should take them, including the number of doses and the dosage amount. At Jaycliffe, you can rest assured that our experienced staff will continue to administer your dog’s medication according to your vet’s instructions.

Favourite toys

Packing your dog’s favourite dogs won’t just keep them distracted and entertained whilst in kennels but they can also help to reduce their stress. Playing with toys that they usually play with at home can enable them to feel more relaxed and help them to retain some element of their normal routine. Ideally, choose toys that your dog can’t damage or break pieces off. Durable chew toys are ideal for a stay in kennels. 

Usual food and snacks 

At Jaycliffe, we can provide dogs with high-quality food during their stay. However, many people prefer to bring their pet’s usual food with them. This is advisable since a sudden change in diet can disrupt their digestive system, especially during what is already a stressful time. We strongly advise bringing your dog’s normal food with them. We also recommend packing extra food in case your trip gets extended for any reason. If your flight gets delayed, you’ll want to ensure your dog has enough food. The best practice is to pre-package their meals in plastic baggies, labelled for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You may also want to pack some of your dog’s favourite treats too. 

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Familiar blanket or t-shirt 

We always recommend packing a familiar blanket or t-shirt in your dog’s luggage. Your dog will miss you whilst you’re away, causing them to feel anxious and stressed. However, leaving them with something that has your scent on it can help them to feel much more relaxed. It can soothe your pup should they feel homesick, making the experience more pleasant for them. A t-shirt or small blanket can easily be placed inside their bed for them to snuggle into when they go sleep. 

Dog boarding in Sheffield 

Now you know the answer to the query “What to bring with my dog for kennel boarding?”, you may be ready to book dog boarding in Sheffield. If so, look no further than Jaycliffe Pets. Our dog boarding facilities are some of the best in the area, offering a warm, comfortable and safe place to stay for dogs of all breeds and ages. Our friendly team lives on-site, which means we can provide 24/7 care for your dog. We’ll be there around the clock to ensure they’re happy and healthy. As real animal lovers, you can rest assured that we’ll treat your dog as if they were our own, providing them with all the love, care and attention they deserve.  

Book a tour of our facilities

You’re more than welcome to take a tour of our dog boarding facilities before booking a place for your pup. Having a look around our kennels can help to reassure you that they will be properly cared for whilst you’re away. Taking a tour of our facilities also gives you the chance to ask our team any questions you may have. We’ll be on hand to provide all the information you need when you visit us. 

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