How to prepare your cat for a cattery

Most cats find staying in a cattery to be a stressful experience. Since they are territorial animals, they tend to prefer to stay in their home environment. Even getting them into a carrier and driving them to the cattery can cause them great anxiety. However, sometimes putting your cat in a cattery is unavoidable, especially if you’ll be away from home for some time. Fortunately, there are ways to make staying in a cattery easier and less stressful for your pet. Read on to find out how to prepare your cat for a cattery. 

5 ways to prepare your cat for staying in a cattery Cattery in Maltby

If you’ll be going away on holiday or on business for an extended period of time, putting your cat in a cattery can be the best option. Although they can find staying in a cattery a stressful experience, it doesn’t have to be if you take the right steps to make them feel at home from the moment they arrive. Staff at a decent cattery will do all they can to help make your pet’s stay a pleasant one. Keep reading to learn how to prepare your cat for a cattery. 

Leave their carrier in their favourite room for a few days

For many cats, the carrier is a huge source of fear and anxiety. This is often because the sight of a carrier means that unpleasant things are about to happen. For example, a trip to the vet. You should start getting your pet used to it before the time comes to drive to the cattery. Try and leave the carrier in their favourite room for a few days beforehand. This will allow your cat to become familiar with the sight of the box, hopefully making them less anxious when you place them inside it. 

Make sure your cat is vaccinated 

One of the best things you can do for your cat before putting them in a cattery is to make sure they’ve been vaccinated. Cats need particular vaccinations to be able to stay in a cattery, including those that protect against ‘core’ infectious agents. These include Feline Panleukopenia Virus (FPV) and the Feline herpesvirus (FHV). Don’t underestimate the importance of getting your cat adequately vaccinated before a stay in a cattery. Diseases can spread rapidly in catteries, which means your cat could become very sick without these vaccinations. At Jaycliffe, we’ll ask to see a vaccination card that shows the correct vaccinations.

Bring your cat’s bed and toys

Since staying in a cattery can be so stressful for some cats, bringing in familiar items such as their bed and bedding and their favourite toys can help to make the experience easier for them. They are likely to feel happier and more secure if they have their belongings with them. They may help them to settle into their new surroundings more quickly. You may also like to leave an item of clothing such as a t-shirt that you have worn to provide your cat with a familiar comforting scent. 

Use an artificial pheromone spray 

One way to make your cat feel more relaxed in a cattery is to use an artificial pheromone spray. The spray mimics the scent produced in their facial glands, helping them to feel more secure. It can be used on their bed, bedding and even their cat carrier. Some catteries will have plug-in pheromone sprays, known as Feliway diffusers. These can be positioned close to your cat’s chalet to settle them if they’re particularly nervous and unsettled. It’s worth discussing with your vet how to help with your cat’s anxiety as they may be able to offer some effective solutions. 

Happy catConsider a trial stay 

If your cat hasn’t stayed in a cattery before, you may want to consider booking them in for a trial visit. This will allow them to become familiar with their surroundings and help them to realise that you’re coming back for them. Since cats do take some time to adjust to changes in their environment and routine, a trial stay should ideally be for a minimum of four days. 

Reputable catteries will be happy to offer a trial visit for your cat. This gives them a chance to get used to the facility, sounds, smells and staff before their first long stay. A trial stay will also put your mind at rest that the team are caring for your pet to a high standard whilst you’re away. You’ll have a chance to talk to us about your cat’s needs and provide us with any key information you think we should know. 

Choose the right cattery in Sheffield 

Now you know how to prepare your cat for a cattery, you may be looking to book them in for a stay. Jaycliffe Pets is the leading cattery in Sheffield and the surrounding areas, providing a safe and well-equipped place for cats to stay whilst their owners are away. We can take care of cats of all breeds and ages, with our friendly team giving each animal all the care and attention they need to feel happy and loved. At Jaycliffe, we know that cats be anxious when staying in a cattery. That’s why we’ll do all we can to settle your cat as quickly as possible during their stay with us. 

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