Top 10 questions to ask before putting your dog into kennels

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Going to kennels for the first time can be a stressful experience for everyone – especially when you are trying to find the best place for your pup to stay. There are some important questions that you should be asking both the kennels and yourself before you make a decision. Below, we have gathered the

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Can Puppies Stay in Dog Kennels?

Puppy Boarding Rotherham

Not everyone has family or close friends that can look after their dogs when they are away for business or leisure. In situations like this, we all need a reliable kennel where our pets can relax and be looked after while we are away. The big question is whether or not puppies can visit the

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How Often Should My Dog be Groomed?

Dog Grooming Rotherham

So have you ever asked your self how often should my dog be groomed? Dog grooming covers a wide range of treatments and techniques – it’s not all about clipping fur. The biggest question on the dog owner’s minds is how often their dogs should be groomed, as well as how it should be done.

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Cats Hall of Fame

We all love to watch pets online and it shows! This month, Jaycliffe Pets are here to add more cats to our previous blog on ‘The top 10 most famous cats on the internet’, so if you’re an avid cat-lover like we are, you might just want to check out the very latest.    

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Why Pets Make Perfect Companions for the Elderly

Getting older can be a lonely time and should a partner or close friends pass away or move abroad, time can seem painfully slow and we may find ourselves feeling purposeless, especially if it’s becoming more and more difficult to physically leave the home. This is why many elderly people turn to pet adoption, options

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