Why should I get my dog groomed?

Are you wondering “Why should I get my dog groomed?” If so, you’re not alone. This is a question asked by many dog owners in Rotherham. Regular grooming doesn’t just keep dogs looking their best but it also keeps them happy and healthy. Keep reading to discover the many benefits of dog grooming. 

6 reasons to get your dog professionally groomed

Whilst it’s possible to groom your dog yourself at home, it’s easier to have them professionally groomed. Not only can it save you time and energy but you’re also likely to see better results. Grooming a dog takes a great deal of care and patience, particularly if they have long hair, they’re a puppy or they have behavioural issues. Keep reading to find out why you should get your dog professionally groomed.

Maintain cleanliness Dog Grooming in Rotherham

Grooming helps keep your dog clean, minimising dirt in their coat and paws. Dogs can become very dirty after going on walks and playing outside, however, regular grooming can help to keep muck at bay as much as possible. Keeping your dog clean not only ensures that they look their best but it helps them feel more comfortable too. Grooming reduces the grease in their hair, allowing their skin to breathe more easily. Too much grease can result in their pores becoming blocked, leading to irritated skin. 

Protect their health 

When asking “Why should I get my dog groomed?”, many people don’t consider the health benefits. Regular grooming allows you to check for any skin conditions or irritations such as lumps, bumps, sores and scratches. Any areas of discomfort can be quickly identified by an experienced dog groomer. They can check the condition of their ears, eyes and feet, particularly the spaces between their toes. Mud and grass can clump together in this area, which can potentially lead to an infection. A dog groomer can remove them from their paws, helping to prevent health problems. 

Eliminate ticks and fleas

Ticks and fleas can cause serious health problems for your dog if left untreated. These pests feed on their blood, using their tiny but very sharp teeth to implant themselves into their skin and tissue. They penetrate into their bloodstream, potentially spreading blood-borne illnesses, including Typhus and tapeworms. Both of these can have life-threatening outcomes. Fortunately, regular grooming can help to detect ticks and fleas on your pet’s skin, allowing you to seek the appropriate treatment for them.   

Prevent a matted coat

If a dog’s long hair isn’t groomed regularly, it can easily become matted. Matted hair doesn’t just look unsightly – it can also be extremely uncomfortable and can even cause skin conditions. When matting becomes severe, it can restrict the blood flow, pulling the skin tightly. This can make even a gentle pat painful in some cases. Occasionally, it can restrict their body movement, causing deformity. Regular grooming can reduce matting, helping to prevent all these problems. As well as brushing them frequently, you could use a detangling conditioning spray. This is particularly useful for long coats that become tangled quickly.

puppyKeep nails short 

Dogs’ nails are mostly self-trimming. This is because when you walk your dog, the hard surfaces should wear them down naturally, helping to keep them at a good length. However, sometimes they’re not worn down very quickly, particularly if they’re walked on softer surfaces. This is where clipping their nails can help. For many dogs, nail clipping is an important part of the grooming process. If left unchecked, their nails can grow too long, leading to big problems. For example, they might grow into their paw, causing them a lot of pain. They can break too if they’re allowed to grow too long. This can lead to bleeding and even infection. 

Improve bonding 

Starting to groom your dog at a young age can help to build a strong bond between you both. Brushing and bathing them regularly will strengthen your relationship, bringing you closer. What’s more is that it will also help them get used to being handled. Starting the grooming process when they’re just a puppy will help them feel a lot more comfortable in those situations where they must be picked up, such as at the vets. Your dog will soon learn that it is OK to be touched by humans. You’ll build a level of trust with your pet that will last forever.

Dog grooming in Rotherham and Sheffield 

At Jaycliffe Pets, we’re been offering dog grooming in Sheffield and Rotherham for several years. Our team are highly experienced, possessing all the skills and knowledge needed to groom dogs of all sizes and breeds. We provide a range of grooming services, from brushing, bathing and blow drying to nail trimming and anal gland expression. We can provide a tailored service that meets the grooming needs of your pet. 

We’ll also check for any skin complaints such as lumps and bumps and offer advice on how to treat them. We understand that dogs can be anxious when getting groomed, which is why we do all we can to keep them as relaxed and comfortable as possible. We’ve built up a fantastic reputation throughout the years, becoming renowned for our professional, affordable dog grooming services. 

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