Why Do Dogs Bark?

Dogs bark for a number of reasons, but ultimately it is because they are trying to communicate something to you. It is safe to assume that if a dog barks then either they want to tell you something that you may not be aware of, like a person approaching, or to tell you that their needs as an animal are not being met. In this month’s article, we’ll be looking at just a few of the reasons why dogs bark.



Many dog owners claim that their dog greets them when they arrive home, but the fact of the matter is that dogs don’t use emotions in the same way we do; instead, your pet is more likely both trying to tell you something and burn off the excess energy that they have been building up throughout the day. You shouldn’t feel hurt by this revelation, but seize it as a calling to play with and exercise your dog even more.


Dogs that are alarmed or fearful will bark to protect themselves and to notify you of their distress. They could bark because an intruder is approaching or through fear of another dog, for instance. If all of your dog’s needs are being met, they shouldn’t bark for any other reason than that they are alarmed, so pay careful attention to this and attempt to reassure them that everything is fine.

Attention Seeking

If your dog is barking incessantly at you while you’re trying to get on with something else that doesn’t involve them, it could be a sign that you’re not giving your dog the overall attention it requires. This could result in boredom and pent-up energy that will see your animal bark until you give it your time. Think about the things that your dog might need and what it might not be getting, then seek to rectify this to curb their barking in the future by taking it for a walk, giving it a treat or playing with your pup.


Dogs bark and tear up furniture when they are bored. If your dog doesn’t seem to be barking at anything in particular, their attention seeking behaviour could be notifying you to the fact that they are bored and want to do something. Naturally, dogs are pack animals and therefore socially oriented, and loneliness and non-activity can play heavily upon them.

By paying your dog attention, you will make it less likely that they will become distressed and bored in your absence, their needs having already been met. They will also be healthier overall because you will have exercised your dog appropriately.

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