Top Dog Grooming Tips

Your dog doesn’t just need to be fed properly and exercised regularly, it also needs to be groomed appropriately as well. If you don’t groom your dog on a frequent basis, they could suffer in the long run, resulting in costly veterinary bills or worse. However, a groomed dog is a happy dog, so in this month’s article we’ll be letting you in on our top dog grooming tips.

Dog Grooming

Exercise Your Dog Before Grooming

Whereas you might like going to the spa for a little sprucing up, your dog may not be so keen on the idea. That’s why you should exercise your dog thoroughly before you begin grooming. Your dog will be tired out and a lot likelier to remain relaxed during its wash, nail trimming and everything else in the grooming process.

Flea Combs Are Your Friend

Flea combs aren’t just for searching for fleas. The fine and closely packed teeth on a flea comb make it excellent for combing out knots in your dog’s hair, especially where they have long hair on their face. Flea combs don’t cause unnecessary pain or discomfort to your dog, making them an essential item of grooming kit.

Trim the Nails and Paw Hair

Your dog’s nails will continue to grow and could cause some serious upset in the future if you fail to see to them. Eventually, they will grow too long and begin to curl in on themselves. At that point, your dog will struggle to walk before the nails begin to damage the paw itself. Trimming them down can be difficult, however. You must ensure that you do not cut the nails too short else you risk cutting the blood vessel in your dog’s nails. If they have clear nails, do not cut below the pink area (which is where the vessel is). For dogs with dark nails, great care must be taken. A professional grooming service such as Jaycliffe Pets are able to help in this regard.

You should also trim the hair around your dog’s paws, if necessary. Dogs find it difficult to walk on slippery surfaces when their hair gets between the padding on their paws and the surface they’re walking on. If you trim the hair down, you can help them walk better.

Use the Correct Shampoos

Dogs are sensitive to many chemicals that humans simply aren’t. Fluoride is one such chemical that is harmful to dogs but humans have no issue in using in toothpaste and mouthwash. Shampoo works in the same way. These solutions must be formulated with dogs in mind to avoid causing irritation or worse if your dog swallows any. Your vet should be consulted beforehand to find out if your dog has any allergies. And always make sure you double rinse your dog, too!

Try a Bath Toy to Calm Your Dog

If you find that bathing your dog is proving a bit of a chore, make sure that you reward them often for good behaviour. Bring a toy along with you when you bathe your dog, preferably their favourite. The toy may redirect your dog’s attention, making bathing far easier.


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