Top 10 questions to ask before putting your dog into kennels

Going to kennels for the first time can be a stressful experience for everyone – especially when you are trying to find the best place for your pup to stay. There are some important questions that you should be asking both the kennels and yourself before you make a decision. Below, we have gathered the key ones so that you can make the best possible choices about the kennel your dog will be staying at. 

Is the Kennel Licensed and Certified?

This is very important because while it is not required for most kennels to have any special licenses or certifications, there are plenty of them that can be obtained. Many of these certifications mean that the kennels would have had to go through rigorous testing and several levels of inspection before they could pass. It gives you peace of mind that they have gone through these extra processes just to make sure that their level of care is recognised. 

What Will Your Dog be Doing During the Day? 

It’s good to ask what your dog will be doing while they are there. Will they be allowed to play outside, meet the other dogs at the kennel, be taken for a walk? You want to know that they are going to get some care and stimulation during the day so that they don’t become bored or distressed. Many kennels will have an outdoor area (either separate or mixed) so that your dog can get some fresh air and stretch their legs.

Will Your Dog be Comfortable in Kennels 

Not every dog will be happy with the concept of kennels – especially if they have separation anxiety and do not like to be away from you. In cases like this, it can be quite cruel to put them in a kennel all day and you might want to consider something like doggy daycare or home boarding instead. Both of these options mean that there are people around all day to make them feel safer and more relaxed. Dog Kennels Rotherham

Can You Drop Your Dog off Calmly? 

Leading on from the following point, are you able to drop your dog off without becoming emotional or distressed? Dogs are very sensitive to your emotions, and if you are upset they are going to feel that way too. You need to be able to drop them off while feeling relaxed and positive, and without giving them too much attention so that they feel just as comfortable with the situation. 

What Happens if Your Dog Gets Sick? 

This is quite important because you never know what might happen. If your dog gets sick, will they take them to a vet, will they be treated at the kennel? You need to know about any charges that will be added to your account in either of these cases so that you are prepared in advance. You should also check that the staff at the kennels are trained in canine first aid, as well as ask about their policy on kennel cough if your dog contracts it. 

Will Your Dogs Special Needs be Catered to? 

Some dogs need additional care, and elderly dogs usually have special requirements when they are staying away. The worst thing you can do is leave them in a kennel where they will not be cared for properly. Speak with the kennel in advance and talk about the requirements your dog has to see if they can be met. 

Are There Enough People to Care for the Dogs? 

Generally speaking, you should have one person for every ten dogs. That’s the golden number in kennel care, and it also means that you can rest assured that someone will be able to be attentive to your pup. Fewer humans than that, and it’s not recommended that you stick with that particular kennel. Essentially, the more people the better. 

Does the Dog Kennels Look and Smell Good?

If it smells like pee and has an old, derelict, look you’re not going to want to keep your dog there. The kennels should be very clean and practically without odour (there’s going to be a little bit of a smell, after all). You’ll want to see that all the dogs are comfortable and cared for, and the building itself should look in good condition. Dog Kennels Maltby

Does Your Dog Have all Their Vaccinations? 

Your dog needs to be up to date with their vaccinations as well as dewormed and recently treated for fleas. Without this information, you will not be able to have your dog stay at the kennels because reputable places will require that you present proof that your dog has had their vaccinations and they are not out of date. 

Is This Dog Kennel Recommended by Others? 

Recommendations are very important because that’s how businesses build a reputation. If a kennel has a lot of good reviews and is recommended by others, you are usually good to have your dog stay there. Always read the reviews, especially the most recent ones, and ensure that you take all the positive and negative remarks into account before you make your decision. 

To Conclude 

If you are searching for Dog Kennels / Dog Boarding in Rotherham, Maltby, Whickersley, Aston, or Swallowsnest, we are able to provide your dog with comfort and security all day. We treat them as if they were our own, and you can rest assured that we will be able to answer each of the questions above in a positive manner. It’s important to choose a kennel that you know will care for your dog to the highest standard, and that’s what we provide.