Top 10 questions to ask before putting your cat into a cattery

Putting your cat into a cattery can be daunting, especially if you’re used to having them by your side every day. Fortunately, Jaycliffe Pets is one of the best catteries in Rotherham Maltby, Whickersley, Aston and Swallowsnest. Our staff will care for your feline friend as if they were our own and ensure they’re relaxed and happy. Read on to find out the top questions to ask before putting your cat into a cattery. 

Where will my cat be housed?

At Jaycliffe Pets, we house cats in individual cat units. They’re built to be very secure and are continually maintained to ensure that there are no gaps for your pet to squeeze through. You don’t need to worry about your cat escaping at any point. Units are clean, comfortable, and heated. This ensures that your cat will be warm and cosy for the duration of their stay with us. The best catteries in Rotherham have thermostatically controlled heaters to make sure the correct temperature is maintained. 

What food will my cat be given?Cattery Rotherham

Of course, you want your cat to eat well during their stay in a cattery. At Jaycliffe Pets, we’ll find out about what your cat eats at home and we’ll do our best to prepare it just as they like. We have a good selection of dry and wet cat foods available to suit all ages, breeds, and specialist diets. However, you’re more than welcome to bring your cat’s food into the cattery for us to feed them. We’ll monitor the amount they eat throughout their stay – this can give us an insight into their health and wellbeing.  

Can I bring my cat’s bed and toys?

Yes, of course. Staying in a cattery can be stressful for some cats; but bringing in their bed, bedding, or toys can help them to feel happier and more secure. Cats are sensitive animals and it may take some time for them to adjust their new surroundings. However, having familiar items with them can help them to settle in faster.  

What vaccinations does my cat need?

Cats that stay in catteries in Maltby, Whickersley and throughout Rotherham will require certain vaccinations. These include vaccines for ‘core’ infectious agents. These are the Feline Panleucopenia Virus (FPV), the Feline herpesvirus (FHV), and the Feline calicivirus (FCV). Vaccination of cats in a cattery is important as there’s a high potential for diseases to spread when cats are housed closely together. We’ll ask to see a vaccination card which shows that vaccinations have been carried out within the last 12 months. 

Could my cat catch a disease?Cattery in Thurcroft

At Jaycliffe Pets, we take all possible precautions to prevent the spread of diseases in our cattery. Not only do we make sure all units are thoroughly cleaned and hygienic after each cat’s stay, but we also ensure that cats from different households aren’t able to touch each other. There are solid barriers between cats to minimise the spread of infections. 

We also take steps to reduce the risk of viruses being transmitted via the hands or clothes of our staff or on food-bowls or litter trays. In the unlikely event that your pet becomes ill, you can rest assured that they’ll receive the care they need. Our cattery has a fantastic working relationship with an excellent local vet. This ensures that your cat can be seen as soon as possible.  

Will the staff play with my cat?

The best catteries in Rotherham, Aston, and Swallowsnest will give your cat the same attention and stimulation they receive at home. Our staff love nothing more than playing with the cats in our care, and we treat every one of them as a member of our family. We’ll do all we can to make sure your pet is happy and content during their stay in our cattery.   

Will my cat be watched and monitored? 

Reputable catteries like Jaycliffe Pets will monitor your cat regularly during their stay. We’ll make sure they’re eating enough and using the litter tray. This helps us to assess their mood and wellbeing, as well as allowing us to notice if they have an upset stomach or other health issues. Should your cat become unwell, they will be monitored more frequently and will be taken to the vet to be assessed. 

Can I take a tour of the cattery?Cattery in Maltby

Any good cattery will allow you to take a tour of its facilities when you visit. This is a great opportunity to find out more about the cattery and ask any questions. You should end the tour feeling confident that your pet will be well cared for whilst you’re away. Consider whether the general condition of the cattery is good and if residents appear happy and relaxed. Ay Jaycliffe Pets, we encourage you to visit our cattery to take a look around our facilities. 

Do you accept cats with special requirements?

If your cat has special requirements, it’s important to find a cattery in Rotherham that can cater to them. You’ll need to ask if they will provide medication if required or treatment like insulin injections if they’re diabetic. If your cat is disabled and can’t climb a ramp or ladder, you’ll need to ensure that a cattery has suitable units to house them in. If your pet has special requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to find out how we can help. 

Is your cattery certified? 

Many people don’t realise that catteries in the UK should be fully licensed by their local authority. They should also have relevant insurance to allow them to look after the animals in their care. Catteries should be prepared to show these certificates when asked, although ideally, they should be displayed somewhere prominent to show that they’re up to date. Jaycliffe Pets complies with all the necessary cattery licencing conditions and we’re fully insured. 

Putting your cat into a cattery can be difficult, but it’s often unavoidable if you’re going away for a longer period of time. When you choose Jaycliffe Pets, you can rest assured that your pet will receive a high level of care from our experienced team. We’ll treat your feline companion as one of the family from the day they arrive, making them feel loved, happy, and content around the clock.  For more information e-mail us here or feel free to call us anytime.