The Rise of Cat and Dog Cafes

Owning a pet makes us happier, reduces loneliness and keeps us fit too, but unfortunately, not all of us are in a position to raise and care for a furry friend. Long hours at work, tight budgets, small homes and city centre living all mean that owning a pet just isn’t feasible. But don’t worry, animal lovers, there’s a way around this: animal cafes.

Animal cafes, as you might expect, are a comfortable space where you can enjoy a coffee with friends except, unlike regular cafes, you are able to socialise with free-roaming cats and dogs! In this article, the Jaycliffe Pets team will go into more detail about this new phenomenon, and why you should visit one yourself.


Where did the idea come from?

While many of us over here in England might have dreamt about such a wonderful idea, the international phenomenon actually began in Taipei, Taiwan, where the world’s first cat cafe, Cat Flower Garden, opened in 1998. Tourists who discovered the feline frolic were quickly enamoured with the idea, and brought the concept over to Japan. The first Japanese cat cafe opened in Osaka in 2005, and now there are nearly 40 in Tokyo alone!

However, Japan have taken the idea even further. From rabbits and reptiles to goats and owls, it seems as though there aren’t many critters in the animal kingdom that you can’t sit down and have a coffee with. In fact, the idea is so well loved in Japan that Tokyo’s Fukuro no Mise (which means the ‘Shop of Owls’) have a jam-packed guest list for up to two months.

On to London

With nearly 14 million of us here in the UK, 24% of us own a cat, so it’s safe to say that, as a nation, we love cats. It should come as no surprise then, that cat cafes would eventually make their way over England. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium was the first of its kind to open in East London in 2014, and now the successful cat cafe takes booking 50 days ahead of the desired date. In just a few years, there are now cat cafes popping up all over the UK.


The benefits of cat cafes

Not only do these cafes allow people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to have animal companionship make some furry friends, they also offer adoption services, allowing any frequenter of the cafe to become a potential owner of one of the cats. More than anything, this helps highlight the importance of rehoming stray or abandoned cats to potential owners, and reduces their numbers significantly.

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