Shopping List For Your New Kitten & Puppy

Many of you may have chosen to purchase a kitten or puppy for a loved one at Christmas but it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to be fully prepared for such a responsibility; a puppy or kitten is for life, not just for Christmas.

Despite being rather hard work at times, the affection you receive from your friendly feline or doting dog outweighs any challenging moments. Taking excellent care of your pet is extremely important to make sure they settle into their new surroundings with ease while looking after their development and well-being.

Here at Jaycliffe Pets we know there are number of things to remember when becoming an owner of a brand new puppy or kitten, so we have put together a shopping list of a few essential items for when you bring your kitten or puppy home for the first time.


  • Chew bone and teether and teething gel to relieve the pain of teething
  • Flea and worm treatment specially designed for small dogs and puppies
  • Puppy pads for housetraining
  • Toilet training post
  • Poop scooper and bags for long walks
  • Puppy pen for your dog to relax
  • Shampoo specially designed for dogs. Remember to never use human shampoo!


  • Heat pad for extra warmth during a cold winter
  • Scratching post
  • Catnip spray
  • Litter tray with liners, litter and a scoop
  • Sturdy cat carrier for transportation between places
  • Kitten-friendly disinfectant spray
  • Flea and worm treatment
  • Feliway pheromone diffuser to help nervous cats stay calm

When you bring your kitten home for the first time, your house will be full of strange sights, sounds and smells which your kitten will not be familiar with so it is perfectly normal for them to be nervous of their new surroundings.

Top tip – To help them adjust, keep your feline friend in a warm, quiet room for the first few days with easy access to the essentials (a litter box, feeding and water bowls, a cosy bed and few toys to keep them amused). Regular gentle handling and fun play time will encourage them to be much more sociable as they grow up, so once your kitten seems more confident in their new environment, let them explore the rest of your home.

Puppies and kittens

  • Food specially designed for your puppy or kitten. Remember to make sure you purchase food and treats best suited to your pet’s diet
  • Toys for playing and training
  • Adjustable collar
  • Harness (and a lead for taking your puppy out for daily walks)
  • Pet identification tag which must always be attached before you let them venture outside
  • Cosy bed to give your dog a separate place to rest
  • Food and water bowls
  • Grooming brush for a healthy coat
  • Address and telephone number for a local vets

Our team of specialists here at Jaycliffe Kennels and Cattery are dedicated to providing the highest levels of care to your beloved pets, making sure they’re safe and comfortable while you’re away. Simply get in contact with our friendly team today for further information.