How to Prepare Your Home For a Cat

We’re in the habit of thinking that, in comparison to dogs, cats don’t take much looking after. Cats are independent and self-sufficient, or so the theory goes, and we needn’t worry about preparing our home for one. This, however, is not the case: cats, like all pets, have a set of needs and preferences that we must take into consideration before we get one, and act on once we do.

Luckily, the team at Jaycliffe Pets are on hand to talk you through the needs of your new kitten, and the various things that you can do to ensure a smooth arrival!

Have a cat flap installed

This is not absolutely fundamental as soon as your kitten arrives, but it will certainly become invaluable as your furry friend gets a little older. A cat flap allows your pet to enter and leave the house as it wishes, without needing to leave a door or window open. This means you can keep the house secure whilst allowing your cat complete freedom.

What’s more, you can get cat flaps which only open when in contact with a magnet on your cat’s collar, meaning that any unfamiliar cats will not be allowed access into your home.



It’s true: cats need their own space much more than dogs – especially if they have a dog in the house to contend with! However, it’s not just dogs they want avoid, sometimes cats can be overstimulated by visitors or a particular household activity. Consequently, before your kitten arrives, make sure you have allocated a specific area for them to relax, preferably somewhere high up, so they can have some peace and quiet.

A comfy bed

Cats love to nap and can be rather particular about the spot in which they curl up. So, a large, comfy bed is an absolute essential before your kitten arrives. The shape, size and fabric of the bed will be important, however, if you want your cat to be truly comfortable, you need to think about its positioning. Place the bed away from their food bowl and litter tray; cats like to keep these three activities as separate as possible.

A scratching post

In some way or another, all pets make a mess. While dogs bring muddy paws into the house and rip up shoes, cats have their own ways of frustrating you, namely, by scratching your material possessions. For cats, this is simply instinct; they want to sharpen their claws. But for us, it’s a nightmare. It needn’t be this way, though, you simply have to buy a scratching post! This way, your cat can sharpen their claws, and your possessions are left intact.


A carrying basket

Before your cat arrives, it is absolutely essential that you pick up a carrying basket. For trips to the vet and the cattery, a basket will be necessary for your kitten’s transportation.

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