Pet Insurance FAQs

The constant and loyal companion to your family, your pet is undoubtedly close to everyone. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance that you can look after your pet when crisis hits, and that’s where pet insurance comes in. We’ll be looking at some of the most frequently asked questions we hear about pet insurance this month, and hopefully you’ll see that your pet is fully insured by the end of the article!

Why Do I Need Pet Insurance?

Unless you are adept at saving large sums of money specifically for emergencies for your pet, you will likely need to purchase pet insurance. Unforeseen operations can be costly, and as your pet ages they will need to visit the vet more and more often – when the vet bills starting amassing at this point, you’ll want to be able to continue giving your pet the best care there is, and for that you’ll need pet insurance.

What Kind of Pet Insurance Do I Need?

It depends entirely on your pet’s requirements and on your budget. Some people may opt for lifetime cover if they can afford it, and this will cover your pet for all veterinary costs you may face throughout your pet’s life. For others, some hard decisions may need to be made about what is affordable and what isn’t.

The main categories for pet insurance can be split into:

  • Lifetime cover, with which your pet will be covered for every hiccup that may arise. You will pay a premium each year and your insurer will provide cover, but your premium is likely to go up as your pet ages.
  • Annual cover, with which you will pay for 12 month’s worth of cover at a time. This option differs from the lifetime one in that at the end of the 12 months you could look for a cheaper policy. It may, however, offer less comprehensive cover.
  • Accident only cover, the cheapest option on this short list, covers your pet for any accidents they may be involved in but not for illnesses, which account for the majority of insurance claims.

What Does My Pet Insurance Cover?

There are a variety of pet insurance options out there, all of them covering different things. Finding out just what your prospective pet insurance policy covers is all important, as different pets will require different areas to be covered. For a comprehensive review of the various pet insurance policies on the market, click here – the information on this page is organised to enable you to make the most informed decision possible.

Some of the things it can cover include:

  • Theft or loss of your pet
  • Death
  • Liability cover
  • Treatment for behavioural problems
  • Emergency treatment

How Much Is Pet Insurance?

That can vary depending on who you get cover from, which makes it worth your time to shop around to look for the best deal. If you buy your pet insurance when your pet is young and healthy, the cost of it will be significantly lower because your animal is less of a liability. Moreover, if you have a number of pets you can put them all onto a multi-pet policy that will save you money. But as for a definite answer to cost, you’ll just have to shop around to find out. In all likelihood the cost will be drastically cheaper than any veterinary bills you will have to pay if your pet falls ill, so it’s well worth the price.

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