Natural Ways to Prevent Fleas

With many parasites laying dormant until summer, this month could see a dramatic increase in finding fleas on your pets. Fleas are well known to cause irritation to animal’s skin – and a flea infestation not dealt with can quickly lead to you even finding fleas on yourself or around the home, too!

It’s important to treat your home and your pet to prevent fleas, particularly during the hotter months, so we’ve listed a few of our top natural remedies to deter fleas. Some of these remedies use essential oils – please note that you must dilute the oils with water before using on your dog, and they should be avoided altogether if you own a cat.

Flea Collar

A flea collar is a great way to deter fleas without constant treatment. Use a well-known anti-deterrent such as essential oils (lavender or cedar), lemon, or rosemary (all diluted with water) and apply to your pet’s collar. This should act as a great way of keeping fleas away.

Flea Bath

A flea bath is a great way to deter fleas using natural ingredients – and a great way to have some fun with your pet in the summer! Fill a tub with freshly squeezed lemon juice, water and some pet-friendly soap and bathe your pet. This remedy has the extra benefit of giving your pet a good clean and a glossy coat too!

Anti-flea Drink

A flea deterring drink is recommended as use alongside another of these remedies, however it will benefit your pet with better skin regardless. Add 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar per approximately 1 litre of drinking water.

Flea Comb or Spray

A flea comb is a great alternative if your pet hates a full-on bath! Simply dip a comb into water that’s been boiled with sliced lemon (and then cooled), and comb your pet as normal, dipping into the solution as you go. Citrus is well-known for being a great deterrent to fleas, so this should keep your pet free of the pesky parasite! Alternatively, put the solution into a spray bottle and treat your pet, it’s bed, and perhaps a few places around the home to deter any fleas from coming inside.

Salt Flea Remedy

Table salt is a dehydration agent for fleas and dries out their bodies, making it a great natural solution for any flea infestation. Sprinkle ground up salt over your carpets, leave for 12-48 hours then vacuum them thoroughly.


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