How to prepare your puppy for its first grooming session

Whilst professional grooming isn’t necessary for every breed, many owners opt for it to keep their puppy’s coat in optimal condition. Since puppies may find the experience of being groomed anxiety-inducing at first, it makes sense to get them used to it at home beforehand. Read on to find out how to prepare your puppy for its first grooming session.

6 tips for preparing your puppy for grooming

For many dog breeds, regular grooming is essential. Long-haired breeds in particular can be prone to matted coats which can be difficult to maintain without professional help. Grooming not only helps your dog to stay looking and smelling their best but it can help to prevent and identify various health problems such as skin infections. At Jaycliffe Pets, we provide dog grooming in Dinnington and the surrounding areas, catering to dogs of all ages.

Wait until they’re old enough Puppy Boarding Rotherham

Whilst it can be tempting to start grooming your pup as early as possible, don’t start too young. We recommend waiting until they’re around 12 weeks old to take them to a professional groomer. This will give them time to settle into your home and build a relationship with you after leaving their mother. Forging a sense of trust between the puppy and owner can help to make the grooming process more successful. 

Make sure they’ve had their vaccinations

A key reason why it’s important to wait until your pup is slightly older is that they need their vaccinations. Since they are likely to mix with other dogs when in a grooming salon, being vaccinated ensures that they are adequately protected against diseases like parvovirus and canine distemper. Diseases can spread easily if dogs haven’t had their vaccinations. In the UK, puppies should have their vaccinations between eight and 10 weeks. A second ‘booster’ dose is then necessary between two to four weeks later. 

Take it slow

Taking your puppy to a groomer without spending some time familiarising them with the techniques can be a mistake. If your pet isn’t used to being brushed and clipped, they can find this very distressing. Therefore, it’s best to build up to their first session slowly by giving them a taste of being groomed at home. 

On day one, you might gently touch them with a brush and then give them a treat. On day two, you could brush them softly for a few seconds. Ideally building up to several minutes. Over a number of days or weeks, you can show your puppy that grooming is nothing to worry about.

Handle your puppy’s feet regularly

Since your puppy’s feet will be handled during their grooming session, it’s a good idea to get them used to this at home. Touch their feet regularly, gently rubbing and touching them to help them become more tolerant of it. This can make cutting their nails a lot easier. Don’t force your dog to let you do this as they can become agitated. Use positive reinforcement when getting them used to their feet being handled, giving them treats, cuddles and verbal reassurance when they behave well.

Exercise your pup 

Exercising your pup before taking them to the groomer can help to tire them out and burn off excess energy that could cause them to disrupt the session. Take them for a long walk or play fetch in the garden beforehand. There’s nothing harder for a groomer than to trim a dog with pent-up energy! What’s more is that trimming an agitated pup can also be dangerous due to the sharp tools that are being used. If they’re wiggling throughout the session, accidents can occur. Making sure your dog has proper exercise before you take them to the grooming salon can help it to go much more smoothly. 

Do dogs miss their owners when in kennels?Choose the right groomer 

Since grooming a puppy can be challenging, it’s important to take your time to choose a groomer you can trust. Although the dog grooming industry is unregulated, there are various things you can consider when hiring a groomer to help you feel confident that they will deliver a good service. Firstly, see what people are saying about them by checking online reviews. This is a great way to find out what you can expect when you hire them. 

Secondly, pay a visit to the grooming salon to see what it’s like beforehand. Is it clean and tidy? Do they have all the necessary grooming tools and equipment? Perhaps most importantly, you should speak to the groomer directly to discuss your puppy’s grooming needs. If you sense that they’re not very experienced in grooming puppies or feel unsure about doing so, it may be best to find a more experienced groomer. 

Professional dog grooming in Dinnington

For professional dog grooming in Dinnington or the surrounding area, look no further than Jaycliffe Pets. Our fully-equipped grooming salon is located in Thurcroft and Rotherham, making us the first-choice groomers for dog owners throughout the local area. We have been grooming dogs of all breeds for many years now, giving us a huge amount of knowledge and expertise. We are experienced in grooming puppies too, with our team skilled in brushing and trimming even the most anxious or excitable pups. You can rely on us to make the grooming experience a pleasant one for your puppy. 

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