How to Prepare Your Dog for a Stay at the Kennel

Nobody likes parting with their beloved pet pooch. It’s the sad, beseeching eyes that tug at our heartstrings that makes it especially hard, but sometimes we simply can’t take our dogs with us where we’re headed, meaning we have to leave our pet behind for a couple of hours home alone. Other times, however, we may have to leave our pets at a kennel for an extended period, which for some owners can be particularly difficult.

Fortunately, if you prepare your dog for a stay at the kennel appropriately, the whole situation becomes significantly easier to deal with. Check out our guide for preparing your dog for a stay at the kennels below!

dog kennel


Before you take your dog to the kennels, you’ll need to ensure that they’ve had all of their vaccinations and also that they’re all are up to date. You don’t want either your dog catching or giving other dogs anything while they’re in the kennels!

Vaccinations for your dog will need to include rabies and distemper, as well as a bordetella shot to help prevent kennel cough. Shots should be administered no later than a fortnight before your pet’s stay in the kennels.

Detailed Research

Just as you’d research a nursery heavily before sending your child to it, so you should research kennels thoroughly before sending your pet. After all, your dog is one of the family!

Look out for a kennel that provides outstanding levels of care and has great customer reviews. Then, call up the kennel and see about visiting the premises before booking anything in. That way, you can inspect the kennel for yourself.

Take Your Dog to Visit the Kennels Beforehand

When you visit the kennel, you should also consider taking your dog with you to help them familiarise themselves with the new environment. This should help reduce the distress your dog might feel.

Pack Familiar Toys and Blankets

Another thing you can do to reduce your pet’s stress is to pack all of their favourite toys for them to play with during their stay at the kennels. The scent and familiarity of toys and blankets, which to your dog represent home, will make their kennel stay far more enjoyable!

Don’t Change Your Dog’s Diet

It’s not only the smells of home that your dog might miss, it’s the tastes, too! Ensuring your dog’s diet remains unchanged during their stay at the kennels is a great way to keep your dog happy. Most kennels allow dogs to eat their normal food during their stay, so see if you can bring some with you when you drop off your pet. Let the staff know if your dog has any special dietary requirements, also.

Remain Calm!

Dogs can read our emotions better than most might think. If you look distressed when you drop your dog off at the kennels, your dog is likely to reflect that behaviour. Try to stay as calm as possible and your pet will settle in a lot quicker!

To help you stay calm, you should also fill in all the necessary forms for booking your dog into the kennel well in advance. This also frees you up to focus on packing your own belongings for your holiday!


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