How to Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

As the mercury continues to drop, we’re now entering winter. It’s dark, it’s cold, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Namely, the festive period. From Bonfire Night to Christmas to New Year’s Eve, there is plenty to celebrate during the colder months, so we needn’t get too disheartened. Unbeknownst to our pets, however, things are about to get a lot louder thanks to the wide array of firework displays up and down the country. Some pets are better at dealing with the whizzes and bangs than others but, unfortunately, nearly all pets suffer from some form of anxiety when it comes to fireworks.

Acknowledging this, Jaycliffe Pets are here to provide some tips on how to keep your pooch calm during party season (so you can go off and enjoy yourself!).

Acclimatise your dog

The last thing your dog wants is a shock to the system. If your pooch is used to quiet nights in her basket, and then all of a sudden she is being bombarded with flashes and bangs for three nights in a go, her anxiety will hit the roof. To avoid this, consider purchasing a noise CD which will introduce your dog to a variety of mildly disturbing sounds. This should get her prepared for the events ahead.


Make a safe zone

Dogs often like to have a safe place to retreat to, however, this is even more important when fireworks season is upon us. Some dogs like to hide under or behind furniture when they are feeling anxious or scared which, although fine, perhaps might not cut it in this scenario. Try allocating a specific room, ideally one which is fairly soundproof, and make it as comfortable as possible for your pooch. This way, she will have somewhere to scamper off to if it all gets too much.

Keep the TV on

One way of keeping your dog distracted from all the commotion outside during a firework display is by providing a different, less intense distraction inside. That is, if you leave your dog in a room with the television on, this should provide a little comfort as things will feel closer to normality. What’s more, the television should help drown the noise of the fireworks a little, too.

Act normal

Another key tip if you feel your dog is getting scared during a firework display: act normal. Dogs are extremely perceptive creatures, and they will pick up on any odd behaviour from their own instantly. If you find that your dog’s anxiety is making you upset too, then the best thing you can do is remain calm, happy and cheerful. This will send positive signals to your pooch.


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