How can I prevent dog grooming anxiety?

Proper grooming is essential for dogs of all ages since it helps to maintain a healthy coat and skin. However, not all dogs cope well with being groomed. Many dogs find it stressful because it requires sensitive areas of their body such as their paws, belly and ears to be touched. If you’re wondering “How can I prevent dog grooming anxiety?”, read on. Here are some top tips for helping your pet relax during their next visit to the groomers.

How can I prevent dog grooming anxiety?

Begin grooming early 

To prevent grooming anxiety, it’s a good idea to start early on in your dog’s life. This is because getting them into a good grooming routine at a young age can make them more comfortable with the process. Whilst this isn’t possible with older rescue dogs, puppies can be introduced to grooming at around 10-12 weeks old, after their second set of vaccinations. Waiting until later in your pup’s life could mean that grooming becomes a stressful experience for them.  A pup’s first experience at the grooming salon can have a lasting impression on them, setting the stage for how they respond to being groomed throughout their life.

Reward your dog 

Since you reward your dog for positive behaviour like sitting or fetching, it makes sense to reward them for behaving well at the groomers. Giving them both verbal praise as well as treats will keep them engaged and reinforce their good behaviour. 

Keep calm and relaxed Puppy Boarding Kennels

Since dogs often reflect the emotions of the people around them, it’s important to remain calm and relaxed whilst your pet is being groomed. Dogs can sense when their owners are feeling stressed, so if you’re worrying, it’s only likely to make them more anxious too. When your dog is getting groomed, try to relax in the knowledge that they’re in safe hands with our professional groomers.  

Allow your dog to explore the tools

At Jaycliffe Pets, we always start slow when grooming a dog for the first time. One trick that we use to introduce a dog to grooming is letting them explore the tools we use. We let them snuff the brushes, combs and nail clippers and even reward them for it. This shows them there is nothing to be afraid of when getting groomed. Some professional groomers actually recommend bringing puppies into the grooming salon for ‘puppy visits’ since this gets them used to the environment. Once your dog has become used to the new and loud sounds from tools like hairdryers and clippers it will help them to feel a lot more. 

Start slowly 

After introducing your dog to the tools you’ll be using, it’s time to start the grooming process. However, it’s important not to rush when grooming your dog since this can make them more stressed. Start slowly, grooming them for a few minutes before having a break to play with them or give them a treat. This will help them to remain engaged with you, strengthening your bond. Start by brushing a small area of your dog’s body such as their back or one leg until so they can get used to how it feels. It’s a good idea to keep the first few grooming sessions short until your dog becomes accustomed to being groomed.   

Tire them out before you start

Tiring out your dog before you groom them can be a good idea, especially if they are particularly excitable. Groom them later in the day, after walking or playing with them. This will allow them to burn off excess energy, leaving them tired and relaxed. They are more likely to stay calm and still during the session as a result. 

dog with a shoeWhy do dogs dislike being groomed?

Many dogs don’t like being groomed. One of the main reasons for this is that they have more sensitive hearing than humans. Which means that the loud noises from the grooming tools can cause them stress. Some groomers also use powerful dryers to blast water from the dog’s coat without the use of heat. The pressure from these tools can be startling for dogs, particularly if it targets their head or feet. 

If your dog doesn’t like being groomed, don’t make the mistake of putting it off. Grooming can benefit your pet in many ways, helping them to stay clean, hygienic and presentable. Take steps to find a reputable local dog groomer who has experience dealing with nervous dogs. 

Dog grooming in Sheffield 

If you require professional dog grooming in Sheffield, look no further than Jaycliffe Pets. We offer various pet grooming services, ranging from bathing and trimming to clipping and stripping. We can also do nails and anal glands separately if required. Our team can provide a service that’s tailored to the needs of your pet. At Jaycliffe, we know how stressful being groomed can be for dogs. That’s why we do all we can to keep them comfortable, using a variety of methods to help them relax during their grooming session. 

We can groom dogs of all breeds, from small dogs such as Yorkies and Chihuahuas to St Bernards and Akitas. Our professional groomers have the experience, skills and knowledge needed to groom your dog to the highest standards. 

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