Fun Christmas Presents to Give to Your Pet

Some people love Christmas shopping, while others can’t stand it. Part of this disdain comes from the fear of what others expect from us, that is, we fear getting them something they may not like. Luckily for us, however, our pets don’t understand the concept of Christmas, so any gift we decide to give them will be met with a warm reception. Also, let’s face it, buying gifts for animals is more fun than buying them for humans anyway because, most of the time, we’ll be benefitting from it too!

So, with this in mind, this month, Jaycliffe Pets will be offering some weird and wonderful Christmas gift ideas for your pet.

A dog fountain

When your pooch is playing out in the garden, the chances are she’s working up quite the thirst, but who wants a boring, old bowl? Enter the dog fountain. Attached to your garden hose, the fountain shoots water skywards once activated by the paw-marked panel, allowing your beloved pet to hydrate in style. It’s worth noting that the dog fountain is a better gift for larger, more inquisitive dogs – some breeds may simply not have the patience.


Dog treat launcher

Love watching your pooch scamper after treats? Hate the funky smells they leave on your hands? Sounds like you need a dog treat launcher. If you and your dog love fetch, then it will be the perfect gift. Simply load up the launcher with your dog’s favourite treat and fire away, and let your dog enjoy hours of treat-filled entertainment.

Cat hammock

It’s no secret that cats love a good snooze, if your pet falls into this feline demographic, and they almost certainly will, then consider purchasing a hammock for your furry friend. It’s super comfy, and you can even flip it over in the summer for a lighter cotton side.


Organic catnip

If you want to give your cat a real treat this Christmas, then why not give them some organic catnip? It will keep them occupied while you’re entertaining your various guests, and it won’t leave them feeling left out when the wine starts flowing.

Heated cat bed

As we have already established, cats love to sleep. They love being warm too, so it makes perfect sense to purchase a heated cat bed. As we approach the dead of winter and the mercury drops lower than we care to imagine, your cat will appreciate a warm and cosy sleeping quarters even more. And, if that’s not enough, you can even buy waterproof varieties for outdoor snoozing.

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