Dog Walking Essentials for the Winter Months

Just because the winter months have reared their frosty head again it doesn’t mean that your dog doesn’t need its daily exercise! No matter what time of year it is, your dog needs to be kept healthy and fighting fit, and a daily walk is paramount to achieving just that. But the changing seasons, of course, demand an outfit change. That’s why this month we’ll be looking at all the essentials you’ll need for walking your pet this winter.

dog walking

Boot Covers or Seat Hammocks

The winter weather usually brings with it large amounts of water: muddy, frosty, snowy and everything in between, winter generally soaks everything through. Your pooch will undoubtedly soon be covered head to tail in muck and drenched through. They’ll then likely trail all of that back into your car when you go further afield for a walk.

Protect the inside of your car from their mucky pawprints and the water they’ll shake off everywhere by purchasing a boot cover or seat hammock. These devices will hook onto parts of your car’s interior and act as a barrier to protect your car from getting overly mucky.

If you’re not going to be using your car, be sure to get a load of old towels to hand to wipe your dog down when you get home.

Appropriate Footwear

The wet weather, be it from rain or snow, will make your summer footwear infeasible during the winter months. Instead, you’ll require shoes that are able to withstand not only the cold, but the damp too. Wellington boots, leather boots and other assorted shoes can help immensely, but don’t forget to purchase adequate socks as well. Winter socks are thicker and could keep more than just your feet warm – larger socks could keep your lower legs warm too, while long johns could keep your entire lower body cosy and snug.

Dog Coats & Leads

The colder weather won’t just make you shiver – your dog, even under all that fur, will feel the chill too. If it starts raining, ices over or even if it snows, your dog will need to be well protected from the elements. Dog coats come in all shapes and sizes, so you can rest assured that there will be a coat to fit your pet.

Safety Lights & Fluorescent Jackets

As it gets darker earlier in the winter, taking your dog for a walk after work can end up being quite dangerous. Without proper safety lights and fluorescent jackets on you and your pet, traffic can become more of a hazard. Invest in safety gear like this to avoid unnecessary accidents by making yourself and your dog visible in the winter evenings.

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