Choosing a Cattery

How do I choose a Cattery?

Deciding to put your beloved cat into a cattery whilst you’re away from home can be tough. After all, they’re one of your family and you’re used to having them by your side and taking care of them every day. Fortunately, Jaycliffe Pets Cattery in Rotherham, Maltby, and the surrounding areas provide well-managed, caring facilities for cats of all ages. Read on to find out more about catteries and how your feline friend will be looked after whilst there. 

Is a cattery right for my cat?

Cats are renowned for their independent natures, and this is one of the reasons they make such fantastic pets. They’re self-reliant in many ways and are often happy left alone during the day. However, if you need to leave them on their own for longer, you may need to consider finding someone to care for them. 

Cat sitting services are an option, however, you may not feel comfortable with someone coming into your home. Or you may prefer your pet to have round the clock company. If so, a cattery may be a better choice. We are open 365 days a year and have an on-site team on hand to provide 24/7 care.  

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Could my cat escape? 

No, at Jaycliffe Pets Cattery in Rotherham, Whickersley, Aston, and Swallowsnest make sure that cats are housed securely. Individual cat units are built to be secure and are continually maintained. This ensures there are no gaps or holes which your cat could squeeze through. As well as this, ‘safety corridors’ outside the cat’s unit stop escape artists from disappearing. Cats may slide past someone as they open the door to feed them or clean the enclosure. Therefore, making sure the outside door is closed at times is essential. 


Will my cat be warm and comfortable? 

You don’t need to worry about your cat being uncomfortable during their stay in a cattery. As well as having a cosy bed, they will also have a heater in case it gets too cold. Well-run catteries have thermostatically controlled heaters in each unit, keeping the temperature at the right level. This makes it easy for the cats to stay warm and cosy during their stay.


Could my cat catch a disease?

Whilst there is a chance your pet could catch a disease when housed with other cats, it’s unlikely. Jaycliffe Pets Cattery follow strict health and safety precautions, keeping the risk of spreading viral or bacterial disease to a minimum. Catteries should do their best to ensure that cats in their care don’t catch anything from other cats. 

The management and design of the cattery are key in preventing this from happening. Staff should make sure that cats from separate households can’t touch each other and that they’re protected should a cat sneeze on them. They must keep the cattery clean and hygienic at all times, making sure the accommodation is thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant between each cat’s stay. This will limit the risk of spreading germs and cats becoming sick whilst at the cattery. 

Keep in mind that regulations require all cats staying in a cattery to be vaccinated, and these should be carried out at least seven days before they arrive. Your pet should have a valid certificate for cat flu and feline enteritis. If your cat hasn’t been vaccinated, they won’t be accepted into the cattery and you’ll need to find alternative care for them.  


Will my cat be stressed?

You may be worried about your cat becoming stressed in a cattery. Whilst it’s natural to be concerned, your cat will probably settle into their new environment quite quickly. They’re adaptable animals and will soon relax with the right care and support. Any good cattery. will make sure a cat receives all the love and attention they’d receive at home. Staff will treat them as a member of their family. Cattery maltby

At Jaycliffe Pets, we always make sure we play with the cats in our care, providing them with fun and stimulation during their stay with us. Whilst catteries provide beds, scratching posts, mats, and litter trays, it can 

be a good idea to bring something of your cat’s from home, such as a favourite toy or blanket. We’re also happy to make sure your cat enjoys the same food as they have at home, with a wide range of dry and wet cat foods available.


Can my cat receive grooming? 

When choosing a cattery, why not pick one that provides cat grooming services? At Jaycliffe Pets, we can truly pamper your feline friend, providing them with luxury treatments that will help them feel relaxed and content. We can clean and groom them, brushing and preening them to perfection and taking care of their coats, claws, eyes, and ears. Cats love being groomed, and the experience often makes their stay in a cattery more enjoyable and less stressful. 


My cat has special requirements – can you help?

Yes at Jaycliffe Pets Cattery in Rotherham we  can help with your cat’s special requirements. If your cat needs medication, has mobility issues that will affect their accommodation type, or follows a particular diet plan, it’s best to check in advance if a cattery can accommodate their needs. You should check if there are any additional charges so that you’re not surprised by extra costs later on. At Jaycliffe Pets, we can often manage special requirements, offering a tailored service to provide your cat with the right level of care. 


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Many cat owners rely on catteries to care for their pets whilst they are away. Whilst this can be somewhat stressful for both cat and owner, choosing a cattery carefully can minimise any worry. It can ensure that your pet returns home happy, fit, and healthy after their stay. To find out more about Jaycliffe Pets and our popular local cattery, don’t hesitate to get in touch via e-mail here. We’re happy to provide further information and answer any questions you may have.