Cat Lovers Vs Dog Lovers

A debate as old as time: which is better — dogs or cats? Depending on your favoured pet, you’ll be pigeon-holed into certain stereotypes, some more desirable than others. There have even been professional studies over recent years around whether your favourite pet says anything about your personality. As it turns out, your furry friends might say more about you than you think!

Dog and Cat

Cat owners are more intelligent than dog owners 

Cat owners will never let you forget this one! Cat owners tend to have a higher education  than dog owners, as cat owners are generally more curious when it comes to learning and absorbing new things. As proof of this, the stereotype of the ‘crazy cat lady’ has been around for centuries and stemmed from women going against the norm by challenging archaic societal standards. A cats calming, independent and relaxed demeanour allows the owners to do their own thing, which often involves exploring and expanding their own knowledge. 


Dog owners value companionship more than cat owners

Dogs like to be around humans more than cats, so it makes sense that dog owners naturally enjoy companionship just that bit more. Dogs require more attention than cats and tend to enjoy it too, as they liked to be played with and need walking regularly. Dog people are typically more sociable than cat people – they will go out to social events and want to be involved or direct the conversation. 

puppy holding hand

Cat owners are more individual

Dogs are often viewed as a more standard pet – an animal  that can be enjoyed by all families. Whereas, cats aren’t typically seen as a traditional pet until recent human history – which might be an explanation as to why cat owners tend to be more independent and free spirited.

Similar to a cats behaviour, cat owners tend not to care about what others think of them and live their life with much less restraint. Much like cats also, cat people often have contradictory personality traits, making them more complex than their dog-loving friends. 

Cat mom mug

Dog owners are more conservative

Owning a dog correlates strongly with traditional values, whether this is a conscious choice or not. Dog owners are distinctly more rule-abiding than cat owners, which aligns with conservative beliefs more. Cat owners are often highly liberal, choosing to rebel against strict rules more often and believing in a freer and more unconfined way of life. Considering a lot of people place emphasis on their affinity for either dogs or cats (some people even put it on their dating profiles!), the idea of a difference in personality between the two must ring true somehow!


And those who love both… 

Have no preference! Cats and dogs both have amazing qualities, so some people enjoy the company of both. People who love cats and dogs equally are often more accepting of different people, pushing aside the idea that you are either a cat lover or a dog person. 

Love wins

Here at Jaycliffe Pets, we aren’t biased, as we love all pets! We’re committed to providing first-rate service to all pets that come and stay with us, helping them enjoy their vacation too! Our aim is to make your pet feel as comfortable during their stay with us. For more information on our services, please get in touch with a member of our team today.