A Quick Guide to Pet Vaccinations

It’s important that your pets are protected against nasty diseases. Vaccinating your pet is the best way to protect and sustain their health. Here at Jaycliffe Pets, we only board and groom pets who have been vaccinated, keeping the welfare of our furry friends as our absolute main priority.

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Vaccinating Your Dog

When should I get my dog vaccinated?

Puppies between 6 and 8 weeks old can have their first vaccinations (the primary course), consisting of two or three injections, administered between 2 and 4 weeks apart. Some may have already had their vaccinations with their breeder, but always ask for proof of any vaccinations they claim the puppy has had.

Adult dogs (if you’re unaware that they’ve had injections or they were more than 15 months ago) will also need a primary course of two injections that can be administered at any time, unless you know they aren’t yet protected. In which case, the course will need to be started straight away. The vet should check your dog over before administering any vaccines, this is to determine whether your dog is fit and well to receive the injections.

Once the primary course has been administered, your dog will need one injection a year to protect them well into later life. If you’re thinking of boarding your dog with us, we recommend protecting them against kennel cough (doggy bronchitis). This doesn’t require an injection, instead nasal drops can be administered.

What happens at a vaccination appointment?

It starts as a basic check up. Your dog will be weighed and have a thorough medical examination. Meanwhile, the vet will ask you some simple questions, ranging from how your dog has been behaving recently, to what their eating habits are like. You can also mention any concerns you may have or ask some questions.

With regards to the vaccinations, one injection will protect against a number of diseases, so your dog won’t have the trauma of more than one injection. It’s given under the skin, behind their neck which is generally tolerable for most dogs. Kennel cough will be given as a squirt up the nose, so no needles involved.

Vaccinating Your Cat

When should I get my cat vaccinated?

Kittens can be vaccinated between 8 and 9 weeks old, the second one will be administered about 3 weeks later, as well as a thorough health check, where neutering and flea and worm protections will be discussed.

Kittens should have a vaccination appointment annually throughout their lives, although an injection may not always be required. Different vaccines last for different amounts of time, therefore, your cat could still be protected by the time their next appointment rolls around.

Adult cats (if you’re not sure they’ve had any or it’s been more than 12 months since their last vaccination) should have a primary course of vaccinations at your earliest convenience.

What happens at a vaccination appointment?

Essentially, it’s an extensive checkup and they may not even need an injection at their vaccination appointment. Your cat will be weighed and have a thorough medical examination whilst the vet simultaneously asks you general questions about your cat, including their general behaviour and eating habits. It’s a chance for you to raise any concerns you may have about your pet too.

It gives the vet the opportunity to check if there are visible reasons to delay administering an injection, your cat could be fighting off the last of an infection for example. Everything your cat needs to protect them will be given in one injection, making the pain they experience minimal. It’s administered under the skin, behind the neck and is generally tolerated by most cats.


Here at Jaycliffe pets, we believe the health of your pet is of paramount importance. All of the pets we board are fully vaccinated to help protect both themselves and other animals from dangerous diseases. The welfare of your pet is of the utmost importance to us here, giving you peace of mind that your cat or dog is in the best possible hands. To board your pet, book them in for grooming or for more information in general, give our friendly team a call today.