5 ‘Somethings’ Every Good Dog Kennels Should Have

Here at Jaycliffe Pets, we know that when an owner leaves their dog with us, they want to be assured that their pet will be well looked after. That’s why we make sure our facilities are kept to a high standard at all times, with plenty of comfort and fun provided to keep your dog happy while they stay with us.

There are several essential items your dog needs to ensure they remain happy and comfortable while in a dog kennels – we’ve put together our top 5 ‘somethings’ every good kennels will have to guarantee an enjoyable stay for your dog.


Something comfortable

It’s important that your dog has a comfortable bed to sleep and relax in during his stay in the kennels. Make sure the kennels provides good quality soft bedding for all their dogs, and that it is big enough for large dogs to be able to stretch out comfortably.

Something to play with

Stimulation is essential for your dog throughout the day, with toys and games preventing your dog from becoming bored or stressed while left alone in his kennel. Ask the kennels if they will provide your dog with toys to entertain him while he is in the kennel or, alternatively, make sure you can bring along his own toys to keep him company during his stay. Toys that your dog is familiar with can also help acclimatize him to the new surroundings quicker and reduce stress created by an unfamiliar environment.

Something tasty

Diet changes can be hard for some dogs, especially if your family pet is a picky eater, so it’s useful to enquire with your dog kennels what type of food they will provide for your dog, and how accommodating they can be to dietary requirements. A good dog kennels will cater to your dog’s specific dietary needs, and will allow you to bring his own food from home if necessary.

Something green

Kennels with only concrete facilities to walk your pet in can become unstimulating and sore on your dog’s paws, so a kennels with grass to walk your dog on is a preferable facility. Ask the kennels if you can look around when viewing it, and ask questions about how frequently your dog will be walked outdoors – something green to play on and sniff at can be important in making sure your dog has fun and is kept entertained during his kennel stay.

Something attentive

Or rather, someone! It can be important for dog owners to know that their pet will be given plenty of attention and care during their stay at the dog kennels, reducing the guilt they may feel for leaving their dog behind in the first place. A good facility will have trained staff on hand throughout the day, providing your dog with the care he needs while you’re away.

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