Dog Grooming in Rotherham & Sheffield

Boost your best friend’s confidence with a calm and expert dog grooming in Rotherham and Sheffield. From a thorough brush to a full bath and trim, our dog grooming services cover all basic and luxury treatments. This will ensure your dog leaves us feeling and looking their very best. Keeping your dog clean and happy is our top priority. So we do all we can to ensure their time in our salon is as pleasant as it should be. We understand that not all pets enjoy new faces or having their coats and nails trimmed. Rest assured our trained dog groomers are animal lovers and will keep your dog comfortable, so they’re never overwhelmed.

Dog Washing & Nail Clipping in Rotherham & Sheffield

Whilst our dog groomers pamper your best friend, they will also check them over for skin conditions, ticks or lumps to keep them as healthy as can be. If we do find something that needs you to be aware of rest assured we will tell you!  Every dog just loves a good bath (whether they want one or not!). Our dog washing services gets them not only looking good but smelling a whole lot better too.  While we are at it if you require we will also clip your dog’s nails down to a good size that will now be uncomfortable for them.  Our prices are below you you to look at. However, if you require something more bespoke we are sure that we can assist if you call us and discuss it.

Contact Us

For more information or to book your dog in with Jaycliffe Pets for dog grooming in Sheffield and Rotherham, e-mail us here and we will get right back to you. Alternatively, if you would prefer to call us and schedule an appointment for a time that suits you do so. You can call us on 01709 645 046, we offer our per grooming services to pet owners living in Rotherham, Dinnington & Thurcroft.


We offer a full grooming service which includes Bathing, Trimming, Clipping and Stripping. We also do Nails and Anal Glands separately when requested.

£23 pre-booked 8 weeks or less price £19.

all off or in style – £25 pre-booked 8 weeks or less £21.

£30 pre-booked 8 weeks or less £25.

Trim and tidy – £25, all off £30.

From £30 (dependent on the time taken).

From £40.

May be included in the above when all off or short.

Scissored and shaped dogs vary and we advise on the price before grooming.