Pet Grooming in Rotherham & Sheffield

Here at Jaycliffe, we recognise the importance of pet grooming for animals’ well-being and general health. At our kennels, we offer high-quality pet grooming in Rotherham and Sheffield to both cats and dogs at great prices. We serve many customers throughout the South Yorkshire region.

We are committed to being the number one pet grooming company in Sheffield and Rotherham. Because of this, we have invested in a full refurbishment of our grooming facilities to make our services industry-leading. Your dog or cat will find relaxation at the hands of our expert staff. This will be done in the cosy quarters of a brand new pet grooming room. This has been built entirely for your pets for care and attention away from the kennels. Make your pet happy with a full coat and nail trimming by a Jaycliffe pet care professional.

Dog Grooming

Keeping your dog clean is of paramount importance to ensuring both its health and, in turn, its happiness. This is why we provide our expert dog grooming at affordable prices. Whether a simple brush or a full bath and trim, our team will make sure your dog comes out as clean as can be.  We also make sure that all dogs’ coats and claws are maintained to the right length for their utmost comfort. Not only this but during the grooming process, our trained dog groomers will be able to locate any problems. These could be things such as fleas, ticks and lice. If we notice any skin complaints and possible lumps and will then advise you on any issues. We also include a nail trimming service to keep those claws nice and short.

Dog Nail Clipping

We are aware also that sometimes you only need your pet’s nails clipping. You may not want a full groom at the time. So if you need your dog’s nails clipping in the Rotherham or Sheffield areas give us a call and we can book them in for you.

Cat Grooming

Though cats will keep themselves clean, washing themselves on a regular basis, it is still a good idea to have them groomed from time to time. This in turn helps to reach any spots that they cannot and to locate any potential problems such as fleas, ticks and lice, skin complaints or lumps. The team here at Jaycliffe offer a personal cat grooming service. We offer everything from a simple brush-through to a full bath and trim as well as claw clipping and cleaning of the eyes and ears.

To find out more about our pet grooming in Rotherham and Sheffield, or for any other enquiry, get in touch with our friendly team of professionals today. We’re always happy to help answer any queries, and will get your pet booked in for their grooming treatment in no time at all.


We offer a full grooming service which includes Bathing, Trimming, Clipping and Stripping. We also do Nails and Anal Glands separately when requested.

  • Very small dogs such as Yorkies and Chihuahuas – £23 pre-booked 8 weeks or less price £19.
  • Shih Tzu, Lhasa, Westy and Terriers – all off or in style – £25 pre-booked 8 weeks or less £21.
  • Spaniels, Tibetan terriers and Bedlingtons – £30 pre-booked 8 weeks or less £25.
  • Border Collies – trim and tidy – £25, all off £30.
  • Large dogs such as Labradoodles and very long haired dogs such as Bearded Collies/Afghans etc dependent on the time taken – from £30.
  • Giant dogs such as St Bernard and very dense coated Akita’s – from £40.
  • Poodles and poodle crosses may be included in the above when all off or short.
  • Scissored and shaped dogs vary and we advise on the price before grooming.

If Hair is to be kept long or is knotted, additional charges may apply depending on the amount of time taken to do the groom.

  • Cats – depending on time and number of people it takes to hold them – from £15 to £40.

Prices are for Cats that come in relatively clean and with unmated fur.