Why Is Dog Grooming So Important?

Grooming is recommended as a way of keeping your dog happy and physically healthy, as well as improving their appearance. It is recommend that you groom your dog – or have him professionally groomed – on a frequent basis to ensure his health.

Here at Jaycliffe Pets, our experienced team know just how important it is to keep dogs on a regular grooming schedule, so we’ve listed a few of the top benefits below.



Grooming your puppy from an early age is a great way of creating a close bond between the two of you, allowing your puppy to get used to being handled and be comfortable while being bathed and brushed. Not only is this process essential for you and your dog’s relationship, but introducing your dog to grooming early will also help him to be comfortable in situations where he may need to be handled, such as at the vets or with a professional groomer.


Regular dog grooming will keep your canine friend clean, keeping dirt and grease levels in his coat down. Dogs love the outdoors, and can quickly accumulate dirt and muck from their walks outside – keeping your dog well groomed with ensure any grime is kept at bay.

Getting rid of ticks / fleas

Grooming provides the perfect opportunity for you to check your dog over from any lumps or grazes, as well as for any ticks or fleas that can easily be picked up from the outdoors. Checking your dog for ticks and fleas is extremely important for his well-being, ensuring that he stays healthy at all times. Keeping up a regular grooming schedule enables you to identify any problems with your dog’s health quickly.

Reduces matted fur

For long-haired dogs, grooming is essential to avoid knots and matting, which not only looks untidy, but can also be extremely uncomfortable for your dog. Regularly brushing your dog, or having him professionally groomed, will ensure his coat stays healthy and tangle free – making for a much happier dog!


Grooming won’t just do wonders for your dog’s general health; it will also keep your dog looking great, too! Regular grooming will keep your dog’s coat glossy and healthy, removing loose hairs and any dirt accumulate from walks. With some care and attention on your part, you can ensure your dog is looking and feeling great at all times.

Here at Jaycliffe Pets, we know just how important it is to keep your dog clean and happy, even when you’re away. That’s why we offer an expert grooming service to both cats and dogs at great prices.

We offer everything from a simple brush to a full bath and trim, making sure your dog comes out as clean as possible for maximum comfort. For more information about a grooming service, or any of the other services we provide here at Jaycliffe, simply contact us today to talk to a member of our team.