How To Prepare Your Pet For Summer

With summer approaching, it’s time for good weather, holidays, day trips and outdoor activities. While you might be thinking of how to prepare yourself for summertime, you shouldn’t forget about making plans for your pets too. With all the fun and excitement that summer brings, there also comes some pitfalls that owners need to be aware of. This month, we shall be looking at ways you can help ensure your pet stays comfortable and safe throughout the summer season.


Not only are there laws in England making microchipping your dog compulsory, this feature can help keep any pet safe. In summer months when you are more likely to fling open your windows and doors, there is an increased risk of your pet escaping and getting lost. However, with a microchip that contains your up-to-date details, a lost pet can easily be reunited with its owner, saving a lot of time and worry.

Although not as permanent and reliable as a microchip, a collar with legible contact details is also a good idea. Keeping your pet in the collar at all times will help them to get used to wearing it and ensure that no matter where they are, they will be identifiable.


It is imperative that your pet stays hydrated and has a good supply of fresh water during the summer months. Dehydration can have nasty side effects in animals as well as humans. Make sure that if you take your pet out and about with you, you bring water and a drinking container along for them too.

Keeping cool

When the days are hot, it is easy for your pet to overheat and potentially even run the risk of getting heat stroke. This is a serious condition which shouldn’t be ignored; symptoms can include:

  • Excessive panting/difficulty breathing
  • Excessive salivating
  • Weakness and shaking
  • High heart rate
  • Dry nose and gums
  • Vomiting or diarrhoea

To prevent overheating or heat stroke, ensure your pet stays hydrated and has access to shade or cool spaces. Providing a cold, wet towel for your pet to lie on can help them cool down quickly and effectively. Where possible, exercise pets in mornings or evenings when days are hot to avoid the highest temperatures.

Protect against bugs

Summertime is when ticks and fleas are most active and can cause the most grief. To deter these pests, ensure you get some preventive medicine – whether it’s special flea collars, topical solutions or pills – to keep your pet healthy. It is also worthwhile giving your dog or cat a once over to check for ticks if they have been wandering through tick hotspots like tall grass, forests or brush. Your vet will be able to recommend the most suitable pest-repelling treatment for your pet and area.

Groom regularly

Dogs will need to be groomed more frequently during summer to maintain a healthy and unmatted coat. Grooming will remove excess hair, reduce shedding and also give you an opportunity to spot any skin irritation which could be the sign of a seasonal allergy.

When you get your dog’s hair cut in the summer, make sure it isn’t too severe a trim. Your pet’s coat is useful for preventing sunburn and insect bites, and is also naturally used to regulate body temperature.

Clean and reinforce garden

As a lot of time will likely be spent playing and relaxing in the garden over summer, it is important this is a pet-friendly environment. Winter weather could have damaged your perimeter, so make sure you patch up any holes in fences or walls to secure the garden. You should also make sure you don’t have poisonous plants growing, which could be dangerous if your pet were to eat them. Furthermore, if gardening is a hobby of yours, double check that any insecticides, fertiliser or other such chemicals that you may use are not poisonous to your pet.


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