Do cats need grooming? [infographic]

Are you wondering do cats need grooming? Then you’re not alone. Many cat owners aren’t sure if their feline friends require grooming to keep them looking and feeling their best. The answer is yes, they do. Even though cats can groom themselves, they still need extra grooming every so often. If you’re looking for expert cat grooming in Rotherham, Thurcroft, or Whickersley, look no further than Jaycliffe Pets. We can provide a range of grooming services for your cat, from brush-throughs to the thorough cleaning of the eyes and ears.

Do Cats Need Grooming


Do cats clean themselves?

When it comes to keeping themselves clean, cats are top of the class. They take personal hygiene seriously, using their barbed tongue to lick themselves and their paws as a washcloth. They also use their teeth to remove debris from their fur. However, despite the fact that cats spend a great deal of time grooming themselves, they still need extra help to clean those areas that they can’t reach. Regular grooming can also help to identify any potential problems, such as lumps, bumps, ticks, fleas, and lice.

How often do cats need grooming?

How often a cat requires grooming depends on various factors. One of these is the length of their hair. Medium and long-haired cats are usually more prone to matting than short-haired cats, and therefore require more help with grooming. Their grooming requirements can increase significantly during the shedding seasons when they shed more hair. The RSPA recommends grooming medium and long-haired cats every day whilst short-haired cats need grooming once weekly. At Jaycliffe Pets, our experienced groomers are on hand to provide specialist grooming assistance for your furry friend.

When should I start grooming my cat?

Grooming should be comfortable and enjoyable for your cat. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get them used to the process as early on as possible. If you have a kitten, try stroking them first before brushing them with a few soft brushstrokes. You may then like to reward them with treats for letting you brush them and remaining calm. This will help them to associate being groomed with positive things.

Slowly but surely, your cat will become much more accustomed to being brushed. At Jaycliffe Pets, we’ve groomed cats of all ages, including kittens. We provide a relaxed and friendly environment for animals, making sure they’re happy and comfortable throughout the grooming process. We can ensure they have a positive experience.

What the benefits of cat grooming?

Cat Grooming in Rotherham

Grooming your cat has several important benefits, including:

Helping to prevent hairballs forming. Hairballs can cause intestinal blockages, which can be a serious health issue for your cat. In some cases, it can be fatal.

Providing an opportunity to check for skin conditions, lumps, bumps, fleas, and ticks.

Helping to prevent fur matts forming. Matted cat fur can damage tissue by stopping moisture and oxygen from reaching it. This can lead to scaly, dry, and sometimes very irritated skin.

Allowing debris, leaves, burrs, and twigs to be removed from cat fur. This can make your cat much more comfortable and less likely to scratch themselves.

Allowing for the regular trimming of a cat’s claws. Trimming a cat’s claws every few weeks is an important element of maintaining their health. If a cat’s claws are not trimmed occasionally, they can eventually curl in on themselves and grow into the pads of the feet. This can cause your cat intense pain.

Checking their ears. Cats often get sore ears, so it’s important to examine them regularly. We can look carefully at your cat’s ears to detect any issues such as lodged dirt, wax build-up, bleeding, soreness, debris, inflammation, or discharge. Regular ear cleaning can help prevent ear mites which can cause your cat’s ears to become itchy and painful.

Checking their eyes. Your cat’s eyes should be clear and bright as well as free of any swelling, redness, or discharge. If we notice any of these symptoms, this may be a sign of infection and we’ll advise a trip to your vet for treatment. Regular cleaning of your cat’s eyes can reduce the risk of infections occurring. At Jaycliffe, we know how to clean your cat’s eyes and ears thoroughly and safely.

Bathing. Whilst cats aren’t known as enthusiastic bathers, there will be times when your furry friend requires bathing. For example, perhaps they have come into contact with something very sticky or smelly or have become particularly dirty. Many cats become stressed when bathing, so it’s advisable to call in the experts when the time comes. Reputable pet groomers like Jaycliffe can put your cat at ease and will have all the right equipment at hand.

Why choose Jaycliffe Pets for cat grooming?

Do cats need grooming?

More and more cat owners are choosing us for cat grooming in Rotherham, Thurcroft, and Whickersley. Not only do we have a great reputation in the local area, but we have also invested in a full refurbishment of our grooming facilities. Our brand-new pet grooming room provides a cosy and relaxed space for your cat to enjoy being pampered by our experienced team. We have all the necessary grooming equipment, from flea combs and soft brushes through to nail clippers and cat shampoos.

We have grooming equipment suitable for all coat types, with short, medium, and long-haired cats all catered to. Our grooming team are highly experienced, having groomed cats of all sizes and ages over the years. You can rest assured that your cat will be in safe hands when you choose Jaycliffe for pet grooming in Rotherham or the surrounding areas.

To find out more about our cat grooming services, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 01709 645 046 or email us at One of our friendly team is ready and waiting to discuss your requirements with you. At Jaycliffe Pets, we believe that a clean cat is a happy cat. That’s why we strive to provide professional and affordable grooming services to cat owners throughout the Rotherham area.